Just call me Aladdin.

Why? Because I didn’t really have money for food this weekend, so I kind of stole a piece of candy. I’m a terrible person, internet. Because I didn’t really feel bad. I mean, it was at an outdoor market, so… For the rest of the day Jess and I were singing Disney movies. Oh the fun.

And I am still sick, and I hate the internet here. It (He? She? Does the internet have a specific gender?)  cuts me off all the time! The nerve. Doesn’t it/he/she know who I am? That I have things to do and blog about?

Speaking of, I really have nothing to say today. So sorry my dear readers.

And I really love country music. yee-haw.



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2 responses to “Just call me Aladdin.

  1. From the sound of things, British internet might be a girl. But so is mine like 70% of the time. Mine’s like a tom-boy girl.

    Aladdin would never listen to country music, street rat.

  2. improbablefiction

    If I were Aladdin, I totally would be blasting the country music.

    In fact I may go listen to some now… it’s just so wonderful.

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