I finished my Hamlet paper. Woot!

I had some straaaaange dreams last night.

First I dreamt that a bunch of people, including me,  were held hostage buy some guy with a gun. Then I tried to escape to get the police and the door I was going to leave through turned into a cement wall. I was trapped and the guy with the gun came after me, and right before he shot me I woke up.

I finally fell back alseep and dreamt that Fortinbras was trying to take his land back from King Hamlet. But then the dream would cut to this scene of this kid getting impaled on a fence (?!?!?) and it turns out it was all this movie my friend Caleb was making. So the dream keeps cutting back to the Fortinbras character, and he is trying to break through this wall to get to Denmark. Then it goes back to fence kid, but the setting is all different, like we are back in midevil days. And there is this creepy gate keeper who is laughing at this kid who is being crushed by this giant fence gate thing (?!?!?!??!). Of course it is night time and raining, and all of the sudden there is all this blood and I shout (to no one inparticular) “Hey! This is so like a Quentin Tarantino movie!!” And then once again it cuts to Fortinbras who finally breaks through the wall and gets to Denmark to reclaim his land.

I mean, wtf?!?!?


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2 responses to “I finished my Hamlet paper. Woot!

  1. I think it means I can officially call myself the man of your dreams. Whatever good that does me.

    Oddly, I AM writing a horror script while awaiting feedback on the comedy script I sent out to a few select people. I like to juxtapose.

    No one dies like this though. Yet.

  2. Genevieve

    o.k. I think you took WAY TO MUCH cold medicine!!!!

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