Three weeks and counting.

Internet, it is official. I have lost my mind.

I have three papers and two photography projects to be done in the next two weeks, but all I find myself doing is talking to my friend Macie about debbie downer, people with down syndrome, Richard, and how funny it is when she (Macie) comes to class still a tiny bit drunk from the night before.

Lets talk about the two funniest things that have happened lately. First, Richard went deaf in one ear. He claims he doesn’t know how it happened but assures us it was “nothing scandalous.” Basically it was the funniest thing ever. He was talking louder than usual the entire class, then he asked us to write a response to a question about a book we were supposed to read though no one did. I didn’t hear the question the first time as Macie and I were too busy mocking Richard, so I asked him to repeat it. And it was as if he heard a noise and knew someone, somewhere was asking him a question. He just couldn’t figure out the direction it was coming from. Then Macie cupped her hands and shouted VERY LOUDLY for him to repeat the question. The poor guy almost had a heart attack. He practically jumped all the way out of his chair! He repeated the question and I realized I didn’t have a clue as to what I was going to write down. Because I couldn’t be bothered to read the book. So I just looked at the back flap and made an educated guess as to the actual plot line. Then I made up a bunch of stuff and wrote it down.

Next we come to Buckingham’s class. Shakespeare. Today we had a guest lecture and the guy was going on about some famous historian or whatever, by that point I had sort of tuned him out, when he flipped the slide on his power point presentation to show the picture of this historian guy. All of the sudden the Buckster went, “Mmmmmm yes, there he is” in this weird half Scottish half British accent. I mean, the poor guy was practically having an orgasm right there in the class room. Well of course Macie and I happen to look at each other at the same moment with the same horrified expression and we bust out laughing. Other people are snickering, yes, but we are full on crying/snorting/unable to control ourselves. And then we couldn’t stop. Everything was extremely funny, but only to us.

So it was a fun day.

I also booked my ticket to Stratford-upon-Avon to see where my lover Shakespeare lived. I’m so excited I could give Richard a hug. And that’s saying something.



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9 responses to “Three weeks and counting.

  1. Supposedly it snowed a little today even though it didn’t stick. Luckily, I was trapped in my little cell of an office. God forbid I enjoy a glimmer of joy in this freezing cold weather.

    In relevant news, I would hate to be deaf in either ear. Richard has my pity.

  2. improbablefiction

    Yea, I’d hate to be deaf in one ear, but I’ve lived my entire life with a father who is and it doesn’t seem to be that bad for him…except of course I can never remember which ear it is that he can’t hear out of.

  3. Are you serious? How had I never heard that before now? Since when?

  4. improbablefiction

    Caleb. I KNOW I have told you this fact before. Haven’t I? He got an ear infection and my g-ma didn’t take him to the doctor in time and he lost his hearing. Or something like that.

    But I like to tell people he fell into freezing cold water when he was skating on the pond and the ice broke… the cold water made him lose hearing in one ear. Its a lie, sure, but its a far more interesting story.

    You do know my mother fell out of an airplane right? That one couldn’t have gotten by you.

  5. When and where do these things happen?

    I’m beginning to doubt the strength of our friendship.

  6. When and where do these things happen?

    I’m beginning to doubt the strength of our friendship.

  7. improbablefiction

    You’ve never heard these stories???

    Come on!! I know for a fact we have had the my-mother-fell-out-of-an-airplane story.

  8. Genevieve

    OMG! You HAD to bring that up right!!

  9. improbablefiction

    Duh. Its only my favorite story ever.

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