Elvis heals my soul.

I was in the darkroom for over three hours today and can’t get the smell of chemicals off my hands. And these chemicals? They really don’t smell at that well.

Poetry was completely creepy awkward today. Four people showed up. And the room is claustrophobically small. So I was right across from my professor, which I usually am but today it was just more awkward becuase we sit in a square and “discuss the poems.” You can always tell when my professor is serious about poetry because he loses his English accent and takes on this deep, slow Scottish one. Its brilliant. I also noticed he makes intense eye contact, usually with me because I am right across from him. But today in Shakespeare (same professor- right after poetry class) he was making eye contact with me. Craaaazy intense. But the weirdest thing is I can’t look away. Oh I want to, believe me. But it’s this little game I play where I try and see who can look away first. And not only is it incredibly awkward, but it makes me laugh, which only makes him stare at me more.

I just finished researching my photographer and I found (what I hope are) three very interesting photographs to present to the class. I hate presentations when they serve no actual point. Sometimes they are cool or important, but this one? News flash Mary (my professor): NO ONE CARES.

John Green live on blogtv? HELLLLLZ YEAH.



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9 responses to “Elvis heals my soul.

  1. This eye contact game might not be a good one to play with your professor, Pamela.*
    *it’s like a reference-joke that only ten people in the entire world could possibly get, none of whom read your blog. Score.

  2. improbablefiction

    Ha… the only “Pamela situation” I would ever contemplate having would be with Richard. But he is a total ass and quite frankly I don’t care for him in the slightest, so consider that never happening.

    Plus the Buckster is old and married (at least that is what he has said on many occasions yet he never wears a ring) and has kids. Aaaaand he looks like he could get hired on the spot for the role of Santa. He is a jolly ol chap.

  3. Sounds like old and married is secret code for bored and looking for change in this case.

    *a much more broad reference-joke. For the peoples.

  4. improbablefiction

    excuse me while I go throw up.

  5. Perhaps the vomit dribble will distract from the smoldering eye contact.

  6. improbablefiction

    oh jeepers caleb. thats disgusting.

  7. Rubz

    In a lot of European countries they don’t wear wedding rings…that might possibly be why…

  8. OR it could because he’s saying “I mean, I’m married, but it’s not that important to me if you ever…” and then he winks at you before returning to the searing eye contact.

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