If you wanna be my lover….

Tonight was the BOAT PARTY for GUY FAWKES!!! And it was a blast. I’ll be uploading pictures and video later because I am so so very tired and can’t be bothered to do it now.

The night started out ok; I mean, I was going to be on a boat with some craazzzzy people for the next four hours of my life and there was no way to leave… But then it picked up with some crazy random dancing. Things turned a little sad when I was talking to *that guy* (sort of like a crush or whatever) and we are talking and having fun when a mutual friend comes up and suddenly they start going at it like two rabbits right in front of me. So that put a damper on things. My friends and I decided to hell with him and lets go dance!! Metro Stations “Shake It” came on and that was a blast, followed by The Killers “Mr. Brightside” which was the most fun I have ever had dancing to. Or so I thought.

After dancing for about thirty minutes straight, in the highest of high heels, my friends Kathleen, Jessica, Emma and I decided to slink off to the side of the boat and give ourselves a break. And then Spice Girls came on. “Wannabe” just happens to be Jessica’s jam. We all get out on the dance floor, dancing like nobody’s business, when suddenly this guy (British I think and rather adorable) comes up to me, leans in really close, takes my mask off (I’m wearing a masquerade mask), and proceeds to put it on his own face. He then pushes the other girls out of the way and dances only with me. And I mean daaance. So there we are, rockin out to Spice Girls, I am having the time of my life, when suddenly (and I’m not exaggerating when I say it was like slow motion) he reaches down and gives me a loooong kiss on the cheek. We finish dancing, he puts the mask back on my face, and walks off. No idea who he is, what his name is, nothing. But let me just say it totally made my night. I also broke the heel off of my cute boots. Hooray for dancing!!

Pictures and videos to come!!

Mucho love internet.



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3 responses to “If you wanna be my lover….

  1. Did they play The Streets?

    You’re fit but, my gosh, don’t you know it.

  2. improbablefiction

    Mmmm nope. Just that classy American rap with the occasional oldie…I did, however, listen to that song the other day.

  3. Britain just gets more and more disappointing.

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