I love my roommate and her low tolerance for pain. Really low tolerance for pain.

Story time.

In travel writing today my professor handed back our papers that we wrote for our midterm. Except for mine. I got the privilege of staying after class and then receiving my paper, on which I expected to see a huge fat C. When the students had filtered out of the room my professor handed me my paper and brightly shining on it was a huge fat C. So why did I have to stay after? I’m sure I didn’t get the lowest grade. Then Richard started talking.

Richard: “Well, I must say you write beautifully, but I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but you didn’t really answer the assigned question.”

Me: “Okay? How so?”

Richard: “Well you summarized the book.”

Me: Blank stare. Because of the five questions he asked I picked the one that pretty much required that you summarize the books.

Richard: Starts to flip through the pages of my paper and about ten of the thirteen pages have a huge line through it with the words “PLOT SUMMARY” written in a barely legible handwriting. As if I wouldn’t have gotten the message from the first page.

Me: I am not going to cry. I am not going to cry. I am not going to cry.

Richard: “You see? I mean, you did I nice job summarizing, but you really just gave me an encyclopedia version of what I just read.”

Me: “Well I can assure you that I did not intentionally not answer your question. I guess I misunderstood what you were asking.”

Richard: “Well you could use some secondary sources. Its just a summary of the books.”

Me: “Okay.” I am not going to cry I am not going to cry I am not going to cry.

Richard: “And if you want you can rewrite it and possibly bump your grade up.”

Me: “Awesome. Okay. Thanks.”

Richard: Still has the paper in his hands and is still going on about- you guessed it- the fact that I summarized the books. As if I don’t get the point.

Me: “Okay.”

Richard: Rambling.

Me: “Okay. Yea.”

Richard: Still Rambling.

Me: “Okay. Yea.”

Richard: Sensing that he has gone on far too long, gives me my paper.

Me: I (totally not- but kind of- meaning to) open the door with greater force than necessary and walk out.

So now I have to rewrite a 3,000 word paper. Which I mean, is nice that he gave me another chance and I am really grateful please don’t get me wrong, but… I HAVE TO REWRITE A 3,000 WORD PAPER. Basically all he liked from my first paper that is somewhat usable is the last paragraph. Comprised of around 126 words. But hey! At least I write beautifully. ha. ha. ha.

Tonight I tried working on the paper, but after an hour and forty-five minutes of sitting in front of the computer screen looking at a somewhat blank word document (I had my 126 word paragraph as my introduction) I realized I had no idea what I am supposed to be writing this paper on. So I decided to email ol Richard. Still anxiously awaiting that reply. And as it turns out, the other girl who chose this topic (there were five to choose from) got a C+ on her paper. She didn’t use any secondary sources either. Not because we are bad and intentionally don’t do what we are asked, but because we both took the very vague question and ran in a completely different direction than what he wanted. And he expected us to be mind readers. Silly Richard.

In other news, I bought an amazingly cute coat today. Shopping is awesome.


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6 responses to “I love my roommate and her low tolerance for pain. Really low tolerance for pain.

  1. I don’t think many teachers ever liked my writing style in high school. Probably because I wrote solely shooting for my own entertainment and willingly ignored rules about contractions and 80% of whatever the actual topic was since I found my rabbit trails were eternally more interesting. I’m also a fan of incomplete sentences. Who wants to feel like they’re reading an essay paper? I’d so much rather just make it seem like someone was listening to me talk normally.

    Theory is over-rated and Thesauruses (Thesauri?) are bullshit. Stick to words people know. No one impresses people because they use words people have to look up to understand them.

    Not that any of that is relevent to what you’re talking about. Richard seems like a fun human being.

  2. Genevieve

    O.K. really random question……what does any of this have to do with your roommates pain tolerance???

  3. You are awesome.
    Shopping is awesome.
    New coat?! Loves it!

    Am somewhat tiiiiiiiiiiiiipsy….

    Love you!!

  4. Come on, Tammy-T, Lauren’s blog titles are only relevant to their content like 40% of the time.

  5. Genevieve

    Yea not even 40%. I have told her that before and believe it or not, she didn’t even realize that she did that!!!! I’m not surprised!

  6. improbablefiction

    That is because sometimes there just isn’t enough to make an entire paragraph out what I could say in one line. So I make it the title…

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