The One Where Lauren Presents A Challenge!

Soo lately I have been feeling very inspired to read. And not just my assigned books for class, because quite frankly, those books suck. I am feeling inspired to read books I want to read, books I enjoy reading, books I have never read before, books I have read many times before, and most importantly, books I want to share with you people of the internet. My freind Jessica and I have decided that starting in January we will begin a book club type challenge. I am calling mine “Lauren’s Really Awesome Book Club Challenge.” Catchy, I know.

What will happen is Jess and I will each make our own list of fifty books we wish to read starting in January. This will last until the following January. In case you are somewhat lacking in the brain cell area, that is one whole year. We will keep each other updated with these books which means I will most likely be blogging about them. These books can be any genre, anything we feel like reading. And we can add and change our lists whenever because its our list. Hooray!

Now because I am awesome, I have set up some rules for myself.

Rule #1: I can not include the Twilight series because I just read them three times in a row. I need to stretch out a bit.

Rule #2: I can not include any school assigned book. This means any book I am assigned while in college. I can however, go back and read some books assigned in high school. Which I plan to do.

Rule #3: (I’m regretting this rule already) but I can not read Hamlet. I have read that so many times and I am actually going to be reading it in my Shakespeare class this semester, so I shouldn’t really count it even though it is my favorite Shakespeare play. I want to try and read those I haven’t before.

Rules #4-7 have already been mentioned: Challenge will last one year, must be fifty books, must keep each other updated, and the book list can change.

On to my book list. So far I have only written down ten books to read because I got this idea about thirty minutes ago and started my list about eight minutes ago. I wrote down books as they came to me, so books by the same author will be listed together, though I may not read them in that particular order. Anywho, my list as of now:

1. Looking for Alaska- John Green

2. An Abundunce of Katherines- John Green

3. Paper Towns- John Green

4. Lord of the Flies- William Golding

5. The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald

6. 1984- George Orwell

7. Animal Farm- George Orwell

8. The Gun Seller- Hugh Laurie

9. Paper Soldiers- Hugh Laurie

10. Twelfth Night- William Shakespeare

11-18. The Harry Potter series- JK Rowling

So that concludes my list as of right now. I encourage any of you readers to do the same. This is a fun challenge!!! What I need from you are suggestions of good books you have read that may or may not be widely known.  If you want to send your book list to me, my email is broadwaylvr88@ Or you can put a comment in the comment section. And if you want to tell me a brief description of the book that would rock, but please no spoilers. I’m excited about The Gun Seller because I have attempted to read this about ten times but always got distracted. Now I have a reason to.

Hooray for books!!


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12 responses to “The One Where Lauren Presents A Challenge!

  1. Genevieve

    I think you should try to read the entire Anne of Green Gables series. If you did that I would do it with you!!! I will have to google it to see how many there are.

  2. Genevieve

    WOW!!! Now this would be a challenge maybe just the first 8!! It is listed title, year it takes place and age of Anne in the book

    1 Anne of Green Gables 1908 11—16
    2 Anne of Avonlea 1909 16—18
    3 Anne of the Island 1915 18—22
    4 Anne of Windy Poplars (US&Canada)
    Anne of Windy Willows (Other) 1936 22—25
    5 Anne’s House of Dreams 1917 25—27
    6 Anne of Ingleside 1939 34—40
    7 Rainbow Valley 1919 41
    8 Rilla of Ingleside 1921 49—53

    Related books in which Anne Shirley plays a lesser part
    # Book Date published Anne Shirley’s age
    — Chronicles of Avonlea 1912 —
    — Further Chronicles of Avonlea 1920 —

    [edit] Prequel

    The prequel of Anne of Green Gables was written by Budge Wilson, with authorization of heirs of L. M. Montgomery.
    Budge Wilson’s books on Anne Shirley # Book Date published Anne Shirley’s age
    — Before Green Gables 2008 0—11

  3. improbablefiction

    Mmm how about I just promise to watch the movies with you??

    Or maybe just read the first one. I would of course, have to skip the scene where she gets Diane drunk. Because that part of the movie is always best in fast forward.

    I dont know, I think reading the books would be interesting. Perhaps I will end up throwing a couple in. I mean the movies are good enough and experience has taught me that books are way better than their movie adaptations, so who knows.

  4. freespiritwriter

    Here is my list of “must reads” (your idea inspires me to do the same):

    1. The Five People you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
    2. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold – written from the point of view of a murdered girl
    3. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury – a classic too
    4. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee – another classic if you haven’t read it already
    5. Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller
    6. A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry – the recent TV version was fantastic too
    7. Under the Tuscan Sun (I love the movie, but the book is awesome too!)
    8. Dark Enough to See the Stars in a Jamestown Sky by Connie LaPallo – self-published non-fiction, but can be found on Amazon – true story – better than an academic history lesson
    9. Snow Falling on Cedars – I refused to see the movie, the book is by far a different story!
    I hope you’ll consider these…I’ve read them all over the years and these are the ones I’ve remembered and treasured the most!

  5. Cripes. That’s just under one book per week. I’m a little busy with my own goal of watching at least 365 movies per year (though I think it typically ends up being closer to 500).

    Jeez, Lauren, get a life.

  6. improbablefiction

    Freespiritwriter- I love, love, love, LOVE To Kill a Mockingbird. I will def. add that one to the list. And interesting that you mentioned The Lovely Bones. I actually started this book once and was really into it, but just like The Gun Seller I stopped. I’ll add that one as well!!

    Thanks! Keep me updated on how it goes and if you have any more suggestions!!

  7. Genevieve

    Wow!! So watching 500 movies in a year is a life but 50 books in a year is no life??? Caleb are you kidding me? You should do a contrast and compare…the movie VS the book!!!

  8. improbablefiction

    Caleb says I have no life to make himself feel better about the fact that he is watching movies instead of reading books. Which I mean, movies are awesome. But now I will have read fifty more books than him, though I doubt he cares.
    So I chose to ignore that comment.
    Because it is his lot in life to harass me. Kind of like twins are to Anne…

  9. Rubz

    Genevieve…I will read the Anne series with you!!!

  10. Genevieve

    YAY!!!!! ok Im gonna go to the used book store and see if I can find them!!! but I will wait till you are here. Lolly to if she wants!!

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