Something strange happened today.

I found myself missing America.


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11 responses to “Something strange happened today.

  1. There’s quite a bit of awesome over here.

  2. Genevieve

    I’m wondering … Do you miss America or the people in it??

  3. Probably just affordable movie tickets. Oh, that Lauren.

  4. improbablefiction

    Quite a few things I miss.

    1. You people.
    2. Seasonings on my food.
    3. Free refills.
    4. Cold, free water.
    5. My bed.
    6. A shower I can actually shave my legs in without banging my elbows on the wall right next to/behind me.
    7. My cat.
    8. Seasons Pizza.
    9. All of my books.
    10. Affordable movie tickets.
    11. Decent movie theaters.
    12. My bed.
    13. My car.
    14. Take away food.
    15. TARGET.
    16. Cheap stuff.
    17. My down comforter.
    18. My house.
    19. Going to the movies with my mother.
    20. My bed.

  5. Genevieve

    I think you miss your bed!!! And number 19 made me feel loved!!! Oh and I had Seasons today!!! hahaha

  6. improbablefiction

    Awwww. I miss my seasons pizza.

    Order some bites for me!!


  7. LIES. Or lie, I guess. Singular. Maybe be just half a lie even. Just the first one. You can’t miss me. The internet has been the summary of our friendship since high school ended. Let me know if you ever find yourself in Wilmington.

    On the constant mentioning of your bed, beds are such a weird thing. In my parents’ house in Rocky Mount, I seem to always sleep better on my tiny twin bed, that I’ve had literally since I was five, than I sleep in any other bed in the world. I haven’t even properly fit in it since I was like 13, but that just doesn’t seem to matter.

    What is take away food? You mean like a doggie bag or a box for left-overs? Or like Chili’s To-Go or something?

  8. improbablefiction

    As far as the beds are concerned, I gave this a lot of thought after I posted my response… I seem to miss my dorm bed at my university back home just as much (if not more) than I miss my own bed in my house.

    That dorm bed is so comfortable it helped me skip many classes so I could stay in and sleeeep.

    Take away food is what you call to-go food here in England and for some reason it has stuck with me. I suppose my family will have to get used to me using random British words in my vocabulary when I get back. But basically I miss being able to call up a place, order something, then either get it delivered or pick go pick it up and not be required to sit in the place and eat it.

  9. Wait, so they don’t have it, but they have a name for it that they use enough for you to have started saying that instead? That’s silly.

  10. improbablefiction

    Umm now I’m confused.

    Here in England you sometimes (and I’m talking about random small cafes and coffee shops) have the option of eating your sandwich or drinking your coffee in the shop or taking it to go (hence, take away). Now the problem with this is they actually charge you more money to stay in and eat the food or drink the coffee, so when you order you say “I’ll have the tuna and sweetcorn for take away.” Because I am not paying more money to sit in there and eat my food.

    Most of the places to eat that have legit food do not offer the whole “go in, order, and take away your food” option that is similar to “car side to-go.” So if we want to eat really yummy fish and chips at the pub down the street we have to look presentable since we have to eat in the pub, instead of taking it back to the dorm.

    Then sometimes you can get your leftovers boxed up for you, but mainly in the “Americanized” restaurants.

  11. It sounds kind of like you’re missing something you sort of already have then.

    Hence the confusion.

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