Play on Bobby. Play on.

My friend Jess came in to my room tonight to look through my movies and pick out one to watch. So we began the process we find ourselves in all the time where we see the title of the movie and, because we have watched it so many times we can practically quote the entire thing, we say “Ohh, but I just saw that!” And then we get mad because we do it to every one we come across. After going through them I decided we would sit and talk through each movie, figure out when it was we actually last saw it and discuss how wonderful the movie is which would be a reason for us to watch it again. Movies like Shakespeare in Love, or Because I Said So, or the Kill Bill series, or the ever- so- amazing- yet- terribly- depressing Dead Poets Society. Then we came across The Legend of Bagger Vance. My favorite Matt Damon movie. Jess had never seen this movie, and once I picked myself up off the floor and managed to quit screeching “why? why? WHY?” I put it into my computer and we watched it. I must say it has been quite a while since 1. I have seen this movie, and 2. I have had a proper dose of Matt Damon.

Ok so the truth is Jess had never seen the movie, like I said, but I really put it in to show her how incredibly hot Matt is. Because seriously, there is not a scene in this movie where he does not look fiiiiine. But enough about that. I showed her the scene where Hardy goes to talk to Junuh (Matt) about playing in a golf tournament. Jess immediately fell in love with “Hardy. Hardy Greaves.” and I mean how could you not. The kid is undeniably cute with his facial expressions and southern accent. So Jess said she wanted to watch it and I said “Oh me too!” so we watched it together. As I quoted a fair share of the lines in my head when I wasn’t quoting them aloud, I remembered why this is my favorite Matt movie. Will Smith is an unbelievable caddy named Bagger Vance and just completely makes the film. And together he and Matt can give you amazing scenes like this:

If you have not seen this movie I order you to stop what you are doing and go watch it right now.



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4 responses to “Play on Bobby. Play on.

  1. Genevieve

    O.K. I know I haven’t seen near as many movies as you, nor would I doubt your taste in movies I will say this…(and only because I have seen a Matt Damon trend in the last few blogs), While he may be a good actor, I have absolutely no respect for the man. I say if you act leave your very public opinions about the election AT HOME. It just shows that he may have a huge acting talent but a very very small mind!!!!! (And if you don’t know what I am talking about, He had some very stupid comparisons of Disney and Sarah Palin.) Now on the other hand ….. Will Smith is truly incredible!!

  2. His rant on Sarah Palin was hilarious.

    Seriously. I love my mother to death – more than just about anyone in the world – but she should not be anywhere near the White House unless it’s as a tourist. Sarah Palin IS every mother I’ve ever known. Running a family and running a country aren’t inherently transferable skills. If McCain died sometime in the next four years (at the age of 97 or something?), and Sarah Palin took office I would be terrified.

    Choosing Sarah Palin as a running mate was a stupid publicity stunt of a decision to have a minority to match a minority and next to nothing else.

    Damon was dead on. It is ridiculous.

  3. improbablefiction


    pleeeeease no politics. I knew when I posted this that you were going to say something referring to his Sara Palin rant and while I respect both yours (mom) and Calebs opinions and the fact that you should be able to state them wherever and whenever and to anyone you please, please don’t turn this into a debate.

    Lets just focus on the gooood movie.

    (Ok I’m done whining).

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