“Buy me something pretty…”

I love this movie.

Not a day goes by where I don’t find a way to quote it at least ten or fifteen or fifty times.

Tonight my sister and I saw the Sound of Music on Broadway… or rather in the “West End.” During the underground ride over to the theater my sister was eating a sandwich and there were two guys sitting across from us, talking rather loudly about how every time they are on the last train home and they haven’t had any supper they find that someone is always eating across from them. Then one of them proceeded to explain how he thought it was ok to kill that person and take their food because he was hungry. Survival of the fittest I always say. Then we got off the tube and tried looking for the theater but were a bit turned around. So I went up to the nearest news paper stand and asked the man where the theater was, and as I tried to pronounce the name correctly the man couldn’t tell me because he was too busy laughing at my pronunciation. Then I was all “Or whatever its called…” and he smiled at me and I was laughing too so it wasn’t all that bad. He gave us our directions and found the theater. When they announced for the audience to turn off their cell phones the man speaking welcomed us. Turns out I pronounced the name correctly and Mr. news paper man was mistaken. So point for me.

The play its self was not bad at all; In fact I quite enjoyed it. I don’t think my sister did as much as me though. Oh well. The music was great and the children were AMAZING. Seriously. Little Gretl had everyone in the audience wrapped around her finger. So adorable. And while the woman who played Maria was a good actress, her singing voice was surprisingly so-so at certain points. As for the Captain… well he left a lot to be desired. He overacted, making dramatic facial expressions and hand movements. I was laughing at him more than I was convinced of anything he said. And then there was his singing. My sister is convinced he is getting over a cold. I think she is being nice. He just can’t sing. He is no Christopher Plummer that’s for sure. But like I said, I really enjoyed the play and would def. go see it again (…if someone else paid.)

Also last night we got half priced tickets on a whim and saw Spamalot again. I’m telling you internet, I think it is my new favorite musical. Our seats were actually better last night than our first performance but sadly the original King Arthur and Lady of the Lake were on instead of the understudies. And may I just say it sucked. Just their parts really, the rest was fine as usual.

**Warning: Lauren is about to go on a rant** May I just say that I do not think it is a good idea, ever, for a reality show to be held where the winner is given a spot in a Broadway/ West End play. Lets examine the evidence shall we? My friend Jessica went to NYC for Christmas/ New Years and saw Grease. In it was the girl and guy who won that reality show “Your the One that I Want” where they found the new Danny and Sandy. I watched one episode of it and said “ew gross.” Jessica said they (mostly Sandy) were not good at all. And why is that? Because they have the contestants sing modern rock/ pop/ whatever songs. That may work for American Idol, but don’t you think if you are going to be winning a spot in the THEATER showbiz you may want to sing some SHOW TUNES???? Seriously. Yes, you may be able to belt out any Mariah Carey song, Beatles song, any song really, but can you belt out Without Love from Hairspray (the musical version not the stupid butchered one they used in the movie)? What about Here I Am from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels? Or Out Tonight from RENT? Can you put the passion in Mama Who Bore Me and Whispering from Spring Awakening without turning it into some rock ballad? Then there is Defying Gravity from Wicked, which only a select few can master like Idina could. What? You don’t know if you can? Because you are too busy cranking out pop songs that don’t have vocal ranges like the majority of the show tunes you are going to be singing??? And don’t even get me started on the fact that they totally neglect the acting aspect of the process.**Abrupt end of rant.**

I said all of that to say the Lady of the Lake became the Lady of the Lake by winning a reality show called “The Search for the next Lady of the Lake” or something like that. And could she sing? Yeah, when it called for her to do impressions of rock stars like Cher or Elvis or whatever. Don’t get me wrong, she had a great voice. But she sounded like she was constantly giving a rock concert. When it came time for her to just flat belt it out and give it that classic Broadway whatever, we found her screeching and just kind of talking her lines out rather than singing them. The previous Lady of the Lake that we saw rocked my socks off. And she was theatrically trained. Not that I am saying you need to be a theater major/minor to be able to get up there, give it your all, and walk away with a Tony. No, no, no, that is not what I am saying. What I am saying is don’t have a contest where you belt out modern songs, win, then can’t hit the range required in the show you are now starring in.

But enough about that. The King Arthur also sucked. Major. At one point Arthur kind of makes a face at the conductor as part of one of the joke in the play. But no. Mr. I-improvise-waaaaaay-too-much broke character and started speaking Indian…because he was Indian… but it just wasn’t funny. Then he improvised a lot more and you could tell the other actors weren’t really playing off of it, because they were smart and didn’t think it was all that funny and the jokes sort of fell flat and were just plain awkward. It didn’t help much that he looked and sounded like and Indian version of Michael Scott with a British accent. That just made me laugh.

A lot.

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  1. I’m not a fan of the Captain anyway. “Captain Baron” sounds redundant enough as it is.

    The only reason worth watching Sound of Music is Maria.

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