I set my alarm for 7:30 so I can hit “snooze” enough times to actually get out of bed at 9.

Have you ever seen me in a state of panic?

No? Its a rather amusing site. Take tonight for example.

It was supposed to be a simple night. I watched You’ve Got Mail (one of my FAVORITE movies) and laughed, and cried (yes. I do cry in that movie. The scene where she talks about closing the store and missing her mother so much she can “hardly breathe.” And then the scene where she turns off all the lights and sees her mother and the child version of herself twirling. And then when she goes to Fox Books and talks about the shoe books…) and quoted the majority of the movie to no one in particular.

Then I got ready for bed and got together my camera for tomorrows adventures of the Globe, the London Tower and the London Bridge. I took my already used roll of film out and placed it with the others sitting on my desk, all anxiously awaiting to be developed. And then I noticed something. Something terrible. Where three rolls of film should have been sitting, there were only two!

Now, normal people would be calm and say, “gee, I need to find my other roll of film” and then casually look for this missing roll while being all normal and stuff. But am I normal? Not in the slightest. I start to freak out, shout to my sister (who is in bed trying to sleep) that “OH MY GOSH I AM MISSING A ROLL OF FILM.” Like my cat just died or it is the end of the world and we are fixing to be struck by an asteroid or something dramatic like that. She, being normal, says “Oh, did you look in your purse?” My response was an eye roll full of all kinds of drama. Of course I looked in my purse. I also looked in a purse I hadn’t used but once since she has been here. I looked in my closet, in the grocery bag, on my desk, behind my desk, in the trashcans (it was really gross), on my desk again, behind the bed, under the bed, in the shopping bags, on my roommates desk, behind my desk again, in my two purses one more time, under my roommates bed (the bed I am sleeping on while my sister is here), in the dirty clothes pile, in my sisters suitcase, on my desk again (because, hey, third times a charm right? wrong.) in the closet, in my purse in case I missed it the first two times, on the floor, in the box my mom recently shipped to me, in my coat pockets, in my sisters coat pockets, in my sister’s shopping bags, etc, etc.

And I still haven’t found it.

But at least my room is cleaner.

***Update: This just in!! While waiting for my sister to get ready this morning I looked through every single place mentioned above, just one more time, just in cases. After going through all of my shopping bags again I thought “hey! This is a lost cause!” and then my sister said “look in my bags one more time.” And she handed me one of her shopping bags. And guess what was in there!! MY FILMMMMMM!!! (which was NOT there last night.) Soo right now I am so frickin happy I could sing. Which I will. Right now.***



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4 responses to “I set my alarm for 7:30 so I can hit “snooze” enough times to actually get out of bed at 9.

  1. I’m going to name your condition Moniphoebs.

    If you can decipher that decision, you may prove why we’re friends.

  2. improbablefiction

    After the whole ordeal last night I sat down and told my friend Elise that I was having a Monica moment.

    I have them a lot actually.

  3. Genevieve

    AWWWW!! Lolly, I can actually see this unfolding in my mind! You have done this same thing a million times before. You will never learn!

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