I just wrote ten postcards and two regular cards. My hand hurts.

I would just like to clear up two small issues.

1. My sister and I are not, nor have we ever been, twins. We don’t look anything alike. Seriously people.

2. My eyelashes are real. They are not fake. I do not glue them on in the mornings. They are just *that* long.


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9 responses to “I just wrote ten postcards and two regular cards. My hand hurts.

  1. improbablefiction


  2. Genevieve

    I don’t know …even Connie Daley got you mixed up and she was your teacher!!!

  3. Yeah, like teachers are inherently good at telling siblings apart. Mrs. Farmer might STILL call Elijah “Caleb” for all I know.

    And Lauren, I was talking about the postcards. For all I knew you wanted my address for a surprise visit, but you know what? It’s fine. North Carolina doesn’t want you anymore.

  4. For future reference, one variation of “for all I knew” is probably enough to last a week or so. I should be covered for the next month now on that phrase.

  5. improbablefiction

    Caleb- Who said one of those postcards was for you?? Certainly not I. That is what happens when people jump to conclusions. Maybe I was going to send you a present. *Maybe* I wont now…

    Genevieve- I still do not understand how that happened. I don’t think I ever will.

  6. Oh, so I’m not worth the effort of writing a postcard now? Just some thoughtless trinket? Great.

    And you’re right, I’m a conclusion jumper. It’s fun. You should try it.

  7. Rubz

    @Caleb ooh do you have the mat? No? Here…. http://www.jtcmats.com/

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