Yes Corny Collins, I will marry you.

Tonight I went and saw Hairspray. And it. was. AWESOME. One of the best shows and the girl who played Tracy is in the top three of all the actresses I have ever seen. She was brilliant. (Quick note: tomorrow I should have this edited with all those technical details only around five of you actually care about…actress/actors name, links, etc… as well as more details about the show, but its too late for me to keep my eyes open to check it all out. Just a rough draft tonight so I don’t forget anything.)

The night started out a little shaky. I have been in an absolutely dreadful mood the past two days so needless to say I was not in, umm, happy spirits tonight. We ordered the tickets through my school, and everyone was supposed to meet up and go to the theater. Well it was about 2pm and I hadn’t heard anything about where or when to meet to get the tickets, so I went to ask someone. Turns out my ticket was left at the Richmond campus 40 min. away so they had to bring it over and drop it off for me to collect. And then they were an hour late getting it to me. And I had to go to the theater alone. A theater in which I had no idea of its location. And it was night time. And my biggest fear, second only to spiders, is getting lost.

Once I found the theater I got to my seat, which were decent considering I only paid 15 pounds. And then the amazingness started and never let up. I should probably point out that I get about as giddy as a girl in middle school (which, coincidentally, made up about 85% of the audience) whenever I go to the theater. Plus the costumes and sets were amaaazing, and everything was so perfect it cheered me right up. I wish it could have lasted forever. The best part of the evening was one I was def. not expecting. Something happened tonight that I have always wanted to happen when I see a show.

My least favorite song started (Timeless to Me… the love song between Tracy’s parents…its just so blah…) and the actors began to sing the song, and I said to myself “Lauren, the rest of the show has been amazing so give it a chance.” Well the audience was responding very well throughout the entire performance so far, so the two men (because Tracy’s mother is played by a man, fyi) started to ad lib, because the audience was having so much fun with the song. Then they went entirely off the script and the audience was eating it right up. By the end of the song the two men were the only ones on stage and were unable to finish the song and dance number because they were laughing so hard. Needless to say the audience was going wild. It will forever be one of the funniest experiences I have had in a theater.

The play eventually ended, sad to say, and I made my way back to the underground and back home. And my night ended with some stranger passing me on the street and yelling (rather loudly) “HEY YOU GOT A NICE PAIR OF THIGHS.” So thats always fun.



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3 responses to “Yes Corny Collins, I will marry you.

  1. Perhaps he was encouraging you to pick up some fried chicken. “HEY YOU GOT (TO GET) A NICE PAIR OF THIGHS.”

    I hear they’re all about the implied “to get” in Britain.

  2. improbablefiction

    Interesting theory. Now that I think about it he *was* walking in the general direction of KFC…

  3. I totally Encyclopedia Brown‘d that shit.

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