I’m Pregnant!!!!

Today I wore my pregnant shirt (you know… its this shirt I wear because I love it but I always get asked if I’m pregnant when I wear it even though I am not pregnant so calm down internet…its pictured below. notice my roommate’s messy side.)

So I’ve decided that whenever people ask me this question, instead of being offended, I am simply going to answer “yes!” because I can. And unless they really know me, they aren’t going to know I’m lying. Its a fun little game.

Here are random things I am thinking of:

1. I just bought a new towel and it is so awesome.

2. I am 1666 words into my 2500-3000 word paper. That is due Wednesday. Go me!!

3. I have been working on that paper for about five days now.

4. I am spending all of my time watching you tube videos. The good you tube videos not like ones recorded by cell phones of dogs on skateboards or clips from shows. But actual people making vlogs. And let me say there are some funnny ones out there. You are quite the trip internet.

5. I got some pretty aweeeesome orange juice today.

6. I say the word “like” entirely too much.

7. Ummm I think that the original guy who was supposed to play Edward in the movie Twilight (if you have seen Stardust (he was Humphrey) and Tristan and Isolde (he was Melot) then you should know who he is…) is WAY HOTTER than the guy playing him now. But unfortunately he is to old for the part now that they are making the dang movie. And they asked him to play this guy, Edwards father, but he was already committed to another project.*tear*

and in case you need even more proof, enjoy:

Now I shall attempt to write my paper.

Ha. Who am I kidding….



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8 responses to “I’m Pregnant!!!!

  1. Rubz

    *gets weak in the knees* why oh WHY isn’t he going to play Edward…. he is….he isn’t hot. He is GORGEOUS….and seriously fits Edwards description.

  2. improbablefiction

    Ummm thankyouIknow. He is to old to play a believable 17 year old now which is why he isn’t in it. A sad day for all.

  3. Raise your hand if you were surprised by this blog title after reading yesterday’s warning that Lauren was going to the pub.

    No one again? Shocker.

  4. improbablefiction


    That is what happens when the pub is in the red light district Caleb.

  5. Rubz

    *keeps her hands down* You know Caleb…I think the only solution is this: you and I are going to have to bring Little Lauren home, and I suppose we will have to take her place. I will stand in for her in her classes, since I look like her and all, and….how about you do her homework 😀

  6. That sounds fair (i.e. I won’t actually be doing her homework).

    This plan sounds great assuming Lauren doesn’t mind an F or two or three or four. Which, of course, judging by this posts title isn’t an issue. Lauren is all about getting the F. Looooves the F. Almost as much as she loves booze. Right, Lauren?

  7. improbablefiction

    Man, you guys know me all to well. I’m surprised I can even type this I’m so wasted right now.

  8. Well, I’m sure with all the practice you’ve had you’ve learned a certain level of control we could only dream of.

    And with that, good morning. I’m going to sleep now.

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