Get comfortable Internet. You are in for a treat.

If I was to die (God forbid) right now, I would die a happy, happy girl. Insanely happy girl. But we shall get to that in a moment. Lets start with the terrifying events of last night.

Last night Jess and I went to the photography studio to make prints of our film for class. We were there for at least two or three hours, and managed to get one print made. But I suppose that is good when you had no real idea what exactly you were doing to begin with. After we finished doing that we decided, well I decided, that I was starving, considering I had nothing to eat that day. At this was about 10:45 in the evening. We remembered this little store that stayed open 24 hrs. and we decided to go to that one, since there was main one other express market open. So on the way to this grocery place (that we aren’t entirely too sure of where the location is) we have to cross a street. Standing in the middle of this particular street is a man. He asks us where the supermarket is, and seeing that he kind of wanted a little more than the directions to a supermarket, we replied with a “I don’t know.”

Well Mr. Supermarket Man didn’t like that answer very much. He asked us again, and we said “We aren’t from around here; we don’t really know.” Then he started to follow us. We walked faster. He walked faster. He was shouting things at us, explicatives and things such as “I only want to know where the supermarket is.” Then my purse strap started to fall off my shoulder. And I reached over and pulled it back up, adjusting my purse so it wouldn’t fall. And that set him off. He started screaming at us for thinking he was some kind of criminal. He shouted more explicatives, saying we were primitive, and just thought he was a criminal because he was black, etc, etc. So I, in a rather low voice, tell Jess (who is basically freaked out, same as me) that we need to go into the first store that we see. Coming up on our right was a small internet cafe. I told Jess to go into the cafe, so we did. The man was still shouting at us as we went in, and we were going to wait for him to leave, but no. He followed us in. Still shouting, we must have looked completely terrified, because all of the sudden the five or six old British men sitting in the cafe stared him down. I’m not sure if they were angry because clearly he was yelling at us and clearly we looked FREAKED OUT, or if they were just not happy he disrupted their intelligent, stimulating conversations. Either way they stared him down, and the store worker talked to him. We waited until he left, then we waited a bit more, then we left. We decided not to go the original grocery store (the 24 hr one) because even though it was close, we figured that is where the angry man would end up.

Basically, we were wrong. We walked back to the dorm and on our way passed our little express store. Surprisingly enough it was still open! So we go in, get our little snacks, and proceed to the line. I’m the next customer, and someone is just finishing paying when I turn to tell Jess something and at the same time, as if by magic, we see him. And basically we freak out. I freaked out more internally while Jess put her stuff down and left the store. I think I was better at handling the situation because I was attacked/chased down twice in France, so I knew what to do. Plus I was already in the process of paying for my stuff. So I get my change, book it out of there, and Jess and I have never walked so fast in our lives. We linked arms and practically ran back to the dorm.

Basically it was one of the scariest nights of my life.

But tonight made up for it.

Okay lets start from the very beginning. (I hear its a very good place to start…) I have mentioned the Twilight series a few times on this blog. (Check out this neat link here. And here. And here.) **A quick side note then back to the story. A HUGE congrats to my sister, who just started the Twilight books!! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!** So Jess is the one that actually introduced me to the books. And as I have mentioned, there is going to be this movie made. The main star (who plays Edward Cullen- the main vampire) is this guy named Robert Pattinson. (You may know him as Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) Now I am going to go ahead and throw this out there, and sorry to anyone that may disagree with me (mainly Jess…sorry in advance) but I just don’t see him as Edward. Not at all. Nor do I even find him attractive. At all. It’s just the way I feel. Who do I see as Edward? How about I don’t think that man exists on this earth. I’ll have to get back to you on that one. But back to the point.

So Jess is totally in love with Robert. Infatuation doesn’t even begin to describe her deeply devoted love to him. And he recently starred in this independent film called Little Ashes, a film about Salvador Dali. Well… mainly about his romantic involvements with Federico Garcia Lorca, a friend of his from school, played by the extremely talented Javier Beltran. I knew the story was going to focus on his homosexual experiences, but the tickets were only six pounds and it was a film festival, so why not? We get to the theater and get in our seats and flip through the programs. Then a man comes up front to talk, and says “I would like to welcome everyone to the 16th Rain Dance Film Festival, blah blah blah.” Then he says something neither Jess nor I knew. “You are a lucky audience. You are the first to view this film, this is the WORLD PREMIERE.” And then he went on to say how the director, producer, composer, and lots of other technical people were there. And two members of the cast- Marina Gatell, who was beyond brilliant in her role as Margarita, and Matthew McNulty, who not only was stunningly beautiful, but also very talented as Luis Buñuel.

Then the lights dimmed down and the movie began. And I don’t even know where to begin. Everything in terms of lighting, costuming, sound, all that technical film stuff that I probably don’t really know anything about (cinematography etc) was wonderful. Amazing. I was seriously blown away. There was this scene where the two boys are swimming in the lake and the moon is shining really bright and it was just fantastic. The colors were vivid, almost dreamlike… it was one of my favorite bits in the entire film. The acting was also unbelievable. I will admit, I was a bit nervous about Robert, but he well exceeded all of my expectations. And they were pretty low. The story was interesting as well and even though I am not particularly fond of homosexual relationships, it was very well written.

Now onto the reasons I will probably not see it again. And if I ever bought it on dvd (not too sure if I am going to…) I will most likely skip these parts. First- the whole gay sex scene towards the middle of the movie. I will admit, it was very well done. No nudity, but you def. knew what was going on. It ended early though, as Dali got freaked out because it hurt and he couldn’t really go through with it. Then later in the movie the characters Federico and Margarita have sex (lots of female nudity) while Dali sits in the corner and watches. And then suddenly Dali partakes in a little self- lovin while he watches the two go at it on the bed. It was completely awkward to watch, so I kind of turned away for a bit. Because it was just awful. Then there is a scene where a character dies, and it is so sad that about half of the audience was crying. I was part of the half with dry eyes, but even so, it was so moving. But very depressing. Very depressing.

So overall the movie was amazing. The good moments outweighed the bad and (for the most part) I really enjoyed it. Afterward there was a Q&A with the director, the producer, and the two members of the cast. That got a bit awkward as the guy from the film festival sort of cut off the director and producer a few times. Oh well. And then things wrapped up and everyone went their separate ways. I went down to talk to Marina, and tell her what a fantastic job she did. Turns out Marina speaks little to no English (her entire role was English) so that was fun. I assume she understood what I was trying to say and she said “thank you” a few times. At the end she threw in “I am happy you like it.” Basically she was too cute.

And then I wanted to say something to Matthew because he was really awesome. But what to say to the most beautiful man on earth? Lots of people went up to him and started talking and soon we were instructed to make our way out of the theater as there was a different screening starting soon. And then it happened. I was walking out the door at the same time he was, no one was talking to him, and I made my move. I **sigh, gasp, eep!!** touched his arm to get his attention, and said “You did a brilliant job! I really enjoyed it!” And he looked directly into my eyes, smiled the most beautiful smile ever, and said “Oh, you liked it! Cheers!” and I said “Yes, it was very well done.” And he got all bashful, and lowered his head as if he was shocked I enjoyed it, and said “Oh thank you very much! Cheers!” And then smiled at me again.

And once I picked myself up off the floor, we (Jess and I) made our way out of the theater. And that was one of the best nights ever. Here are some pictures. Please excuse the poor quality… we were not exactly allowed to use flash and it was kind of dim.

Marry me Matthew? Thanks.

Marry me Matthew? Thanks.

Producer, Matthew, Marina, Director

L-R: Producer, Matthew, Marina, Director



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6 responses to “Get comfortable Internet. You are in for a treat.

  1. Ginny

    hey i was directed here from imdb! the movie really does sound great from the way you’ve described it and i can also relate to how it might be a little awkward to watch those certain scenes. Anyway thank you for your review!

  2. improbablefiction

    Thanks Ginny!

    I noticed it was getting a bit of attention from imdb… good and bad. But that is to be expected I suppose.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment; glad you enjoyed the review!

  3. I bet that’s what this Edward Cullen character should look like. Mostly because that’s what he looked like when he was originally written for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 😉

    Anyway, I’ve never heard of this movie, but depending on the buzz I might try to give it a chance. It’d have to be a pretty significant amount of buzz though.

  4. improbablefiction

    I had never heard of Little Ashes until Jess asked me to go with her. I had no idea what it was about until tonight. The ticket was 6 pounds, I didn’t have anything to do, and it was a film festival which seemed like fun.
    I’d def. recommend it; like I said, the movie was really fantastic. So I didn’t like the gay sex scene. Doesn’t mean I would tell others not to see it. Perhaps I was hasty in saying I wouldn’t see it again. I didn’t know five minutes after I posted this it would be all over the internet. Usually I post my blogs, re-read them and go back and change things.

    …sorry I’m venting a little…

  5. Stop apologizing to people, Lauren.

    You’re allowed to have opinions. Just because you don’t enjoy watching two dudes fuck doesn’t make you close-minded. It just means you don’t like watching two dudes fuck. I’m about as liberal as can be in regards to supporting people’s RIGHTS to do things like that, but it doesn’t mean I care to watch it happen.

    You said yourself that the scenes were well done for what they were. No need to get all bent out of shape that Joe Internet enjoys watching some guy jerk off and you don’t. If you watched Saw V and were all grossed out by gore and wrote a review talking about how gory it was and it sparked some sort of IMdb flamewar, would you really give a shit? You don’t like gore. That’s not something to apologize for. This is the same way.

    It’s not like you’re the final law on this movie’s watchability. You stated your problems and said it was good in spite of them. It’s just another opinion on the internet. Not to downplay your importance or anything, but if these people think this really matters then that’s their problem.

  6. Re-reading that, the last paragraph might be misinterpreted as an attack on you. It’s not. Just to clear that up.

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