For George O., Woody G., and Bob D.

Sometimes you have a bad day.

Some times you have a bad week.

There are all these thoughts running through your mind and no matter how loud you play your music or how many movies you watch, you can’t seem to silence the voices. And you think you are not good enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, your fashion style sucks blah blah blah.

All you want to do is lie in your bed, look out your window, and daydream.

Feel the cool breeze of the summer nights that are now turning into fall.

Listen to the drunk people at the pub down the street sing at the top of their lungs and very off key.

Watch as the skies turn black, the Heavens open up, and the rain beat down.

Catch the leaves as the fly into your room.

You are alone, yet you are surround by the most beautiful scenery. And as much as you want to wander around, walk in the park, capture as much of this life as you can before you are forced to leave it, you just can’t. Because you don’t like to do things alone. Because you are unable to let go and just be.

Because you have had a bad day.

A bad week.

And those voices, full of childish excuses wont shut up.

And then someone says something to you in passing. Something that you have been waiting to hear, but convinced yourself it was all your imagination. And though it may seem foolish and quite silly to be so happy when those glorious words come out of their mouth, you can’t help but smile.

Because the bad day just got better.

The bad week just came to an end.

And you have reason to hope again.

If only for a short while.


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