I love a little poetry after supper.

All day I have been quoting Moulin Rouge. Weird, I know.

And now I love this new show (well, new for me, the show is actually a bit old) called Roswell. It’s totally cheesy, and that is a major reason why I love it. It is also very very similar to the Twilight series, though the show technically came out first.

Speaking of, today I bought the Twilight series. (A lovely set of books mentioned here and here. You should go buy them from here. And check out info for the movie here.) All four of them are pictured at the bottom of this post because I can just for you. So I told myself, “Lauren, you can only read one or two chapters tonight, because you are wicked tired and you need to go to sleep.” Now I can barely keep my eyes open, and why? Because I just realized I read 14 chapters. And it is about 5:30 in the AM. Oh sure, I could go on reading the rest of the book. But my eyes are having trouble staying open. So why am I posting about this when I am so obviously tired??

Because I am a dork.

And how lovely. My windows are open to let in some air, and a fly just flew in. I HATE flies.

This is so not kosher.



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8 responses to “I love a little poetry after supper.

  1. How the hell do you manage to draw similarities between Twilight and a show about aliens yet you completely deny the parallels to another show that’s actually about vampires?

    Free the tiger.

  2. improbablefiction

    Well first off, I think you should just calm down. Mmmmkpumpkin? And having never actually seen Buffy, I am going to answer this to the best of my ability, so feel free to correct me (though I know you would anyways).

    Twilight is a love story revolving around a vampire and a human. They meet, fall in love, people say its wrong, they don’t care, blah blah blah. Yes there is danger and excitement and battles, etc. but the story mainly focuses on their relationship and love for each other.

    Roswell is a love story about an alien who brings a human back to life when she is shot in a diner, they fall in love, people say its wrong, they don’t care, blah blah blah. Yes there is danger and excitement and battles etc. but the show mainly focuses on their relationship.

    As far as I know, Buffy is a story about a girl who fights vampires. Love story? No idea. I’m sure there is danger and excitement and battles, but does the show primarily revolve around a vampire/some creature not of this world and a human falling in love and just living their lives while people say its wrong? You see why I am more likely to draw similarities between the first two.

  3. So basically, Twilight is kind of like the first, second, third, fifth and sixth seasons of Buffy.

    Got it.

  4. By the way, I was an extra on One Tree Hill today. I don’t know if you watch that show. I don’t.

  5. improbablefiction

    Umm I used to watch it… “Winnie” is obsessed with it. How and when and what led to this??

    I’m sort of jealous.

  6. Living in Wilmington and having nothing better to do. It was fun just getting to talk to random people.

    That’s about it.

    And don’t put Winnie in quotes. It’s totally legit.

  7. improbablefiction

    Yes. Those details are amazing, you have really painted a picture for me.

    Most importantly, did you meet Chad???? What did you do? Details Caleb. I need details.

  8. I stood in the background/foreground of a party at a sushi place drinking whilst talking to some really nice milf about what movies and tv shows she should show her kids and this other dude. And then I walked down a shopping center in another scene. Being an extra really isn’t terribly exciting. Getting to talk to the other random people that were doing it was fun though.

    I don’t know any of the actors. I don’t watch the show. Looking at the IMDB, Hilarie Burton was definitely one of them and I can’t figure out who the other guy was. It wasn’t the guy you’re talking about though.

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