No one told me my dad was in Phoenix, and I called him at 3:30am. Whoops…

Internet, I am so excited!!! Tomorrow we leave for PARIS!!! My love!! The only bad news… we have to leave at 5am. Which means, for me, because I am a girl and we (sometimes) pride ourselves on our appearance, I have to get up at the dreaded hour of 4:30ish. Egads!! So early. It wouldn’t be so bad, but this morning I woke up at 5:45 and my mind decided it had enough sleep; that it was time to get up and embrace the day. I didn’t appreciate this at all. So now I am rather tired.

And last night was one of the longest nights of my life. I had a three hour photography class that extended to four hours, and when I left I hadn’t even finished my assignment. We learned how to develop our own film, which was really cool, but in a class of 17 its a tad bit difficult to do so in a timely manner. I have no idea how my filmed turned out, but I am pretty sure I messed up somewhere along the line. It’s usually my luck to mess it all up. But the actual process was really intereting, and let me just say when they use the words “dark room” they do not use them lightly (hahaha pun totally intended). I felt like I was completely blind. Loading film onto a reel and getting that into the tank and making sure you did everything right when you have no eyesight at all is very interesting. I’m excited to do it again though. Bring it on dark room.

And for those of you who do not listen to Joshua Radin, you should really develop a better taste in music. The man is brilliant. He just released a new cd, and it totally rocks, though if I must be perfectly honest, I liked his previous cd better. But the more I listen to this one, the more I sloooowly change my mind. So go buy his music. It will change your life.

ok maybe not, but tell me that didn’t sound totally awesome as an ending…



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3 responses to “No one told me my dad was in Phoenix, and I called him at 3:30am. Whoops…

  1. I loved photography class for the brief time I had it. Loading film is a bitch, but it’s still an interesting experience.

    Also, getting up half an hour early isn’t particularly girly. I usually only get up fifteen or twenty minutes early, but I know a lot of dudes that get up a good hour or so before whenever.

  2. Are you not back from Paris or what the hell happened?

  3. improbablefiction

    I got back at 8:30 last night after traveling for ten hours…. but don’t worry. I’ll post about my oh so thrilling adventures sooon.
    I just have lots of school stuff to do first. Like write a paper, read two books, and write a poem for poetry class. blah.

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