Never again Marble Arches. Never, ever, again in my life.

Tonight I was with Jessica and we were dropping a friend off at the bus station, and then we headed home. This required us to get on the Central line, at the Marble Arch station. While waiting for the tube, Jess and I are sitting, having an intirely inappropriate conversation, and I look over and see a MOUSE scamper along looking for food. About .5 seconds later we were off the bench and halfway down the other side of the tube station. And then we looked back. And there is a reason in movies you shouldn’t really look back when you are running from something. But we looked back. And saw TWO MORE MICE. Three happy mice freaking us out. Basically we will not be visiting that tube station again. Ever. Gross. It was so naaasty, internet. I am completely scared for life.



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4 responses to “Never again Marble Arches. Never, ever, again in my life.

  1. That’s so Winnie.

    (I’m hoping it’ll catch on with repetition.)

    And I really don’t understand what’s so scary to girls about mice. Rats MAYBE if they’re like Rats-of-NIMH-type rats, but even then we’re talking about animals with human-like intelligence. The only thing that scares me about mice is the though that I might accidentally step on one and then feel like shit because mice seem much more like legitimate life-having creatures than insects do.

  2. improbablefiction

    Ok so maybe the mice were not as scary as I made them out to be. But I am an overly dramatic person sometimes and last night called for it.

    but the thought of those mice. *shudder* and all of the diseases they were carrying. *double shudder*

  3. Rubz

    omg..seriously?! Mice and rats are the absolute bestest.

  4. improbablefiction

    Yea. Mice are okay. If they are the kind that sing and dance and talk to Walt Disney.

    Otherwise… mmmno.

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