My source of entertainment for the next four months.

Once upon a time I lived in a world where I had never heard a song called Shake It by Metro Station. Then I met my roommate. Now I live in a world where we listen to the song about six or seven or fifteen times a day, dancing around our tiny little dorm room and being completely rediculous. And I have never had so much fun. My roommate is pretty much the epitome of awesomeness, and this little video is a snippet of the fun we have every single day. None of this was staged; we have conversations pretty much like this 24/7. It is a world of complete randomness. And I love it.

After you watch the video, go listen to the awesomeness that is Shake It. And just try not to listen to it fifteen times a day.



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10 responses to “My source of entertainment for the next four months.

  1. Why has the video already disappeared?

  2. improbablefiction


  3. Okay, just listened to that song and that was, in fact, awesome.

    I’m getting the full album now to see how the rest of it is.

  4. Your video that you posted doesn’t play. It just says “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.”

  5. improbablefiction

    the song is stinking awesome, and so darn catchy.

    and the video played for us… i don’t know whats wrong with it…

  6. It finally played after like five refreshes.

    And oh my god, is she talking about the David Bowie song at the end of that video? Because if she is, I think one of my new greatest regrets is that I’ll never meet this girl in person.

    She’s got spunk. David Bowie appreciation would be icing on the cake. Life on Mars is one of the greatest songs ever written.

  7. improbablefiction

    mmm I think she was talking about the show Life on Mars…

  8. Okay, good. Regret successfully repressed. But you should probably check out that David Bowie song if you want your life to be just a little more complete.

    Have you heard the rest of this Metro Station album? I’ve only listened to five songs (starting with Shake It and wrapping around), but I’m really, really digging it.

  9. improbablefiction

    no I haven’t… i still cant get over the fact that he is Miley Cyrus’ brother…

    And I shall check out that song.

  10. Nonononono.

    Why did you tell me that? This is too good for it to be ruined by that relation. I’m going to put extra effort into forgetting you told me that.

    8 out of 10 songs are officially awesome. Oddly, the two I don’t like that much were their first two singles before Shake It came out.

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