Lets be best friends.

About an hour or so ago I posted a link to the song Shake It by Metro Station. So I think it is only fair that I put on here another song that has caught my attention, and seems as though will never let go. In the whole Itunes play count thing this leads with five more listens than Shake It, that is how much I love it. And I bought them on the same day internet. That is some serious competition. This one is by Panic At The Disco and goes by the name of That Green Gentleman.  I was shopping in American Eagle one day and this song came on, and so I went home, looked it up on Itunes, and bought it. You should do the same. Minus the American Eagle part. Unless you like American Eagle…

And may I just add, the music video for Green Gentleman is far better than the music video for Shake it.


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  1. That was great. I’m getting this full album now too, but I don’t have terribly high hopes since the only song I liked from their entire first album was “But It’s Better If You Do”.

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