Please excuse me while I die and go to Heaven…

Today Jess and I decided to spend the day in Piccadilly Circus. We left our dorm around 12pm and got on the tube, and when we got to P.C. we saw a little shop that was selling discounted theater tickets. We wondered in, because I mean, they are DISCOUNTED THEATER TICKETS, so I just had to know how much they were going for. We end up asking about Rain Man, the new play, and the guy told us to go to the theater, that it would be cheaper since the play is still in previews. About ten minutes later Jess and I purchased tickets to see the play. For 20 pounds we got 6th ROW SEATS which means we were THAT close to touching Josh Hartnett. Yes. Josh Hartnett. I’ll give all you girls a moment to take a sigh.

What makes a good movie you may ask? Anything with Josh Hartnett in it. What is better than a movie with Josh Hartnett in it? A West End show with Josh Hartnett in it. And what is better than seeing a West End show with Josh Hartnett in it? Seeing a West End show that has a scene with Josh Hartnett in nothing but his underwear. Yes, I’ll give all you girls another moment to sigh.

The play itself was rather good. It stuck fairly close to the movie it is based on, and the way they changed the scenery was brilliant. This is Josh’s first theater show, and it is def. clear that his first talent is film acting. There is a major difference in film and theater acting. Not to say he was bad; he just messed up quite a few times by stumbling over fast paced lines, his facial expressions need a little work and he needs to be a tad more lively. BUT he was still fantastic. Don’t get me wrong. His role was Charlie, the role Tom Cruise originated. Towards the end he was really getting into it and it was clear he was having fun.

Adam Godley was brilliant in the part of Raymond (originated by Dustin Hoffman). Had I not seen him in previous films (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Love Actually) I would have thought he really did suffer from Autism he was just that good. I don’t believe he messed up once, and his comedic timing is insane. Cheers all around.

So today was pretty unbelievable. After the play we ran to the stage door and got to meet the hottie!! He signed my program and I really wanted to just take him home with me where we could do all sorts of inappropriate things. Sigh.



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2 responses to “Please excuse me while I die and go to Heaven…

  1. Pearl Harbor isn’t very good at all.

    But Lucky Number Slevin, Sin City, and Black Hawk Down are all very cool, so he’s forgiven. He seems like he’d be a fun dude to work with from what I’ve heard directors say in commentaries.

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