My Secret Window

In my little dorm room I have a window directly beside my bed. When we are in the room my roommate and I leave this window open as a way to keep us from suffocating, because the dorm does not have air conditioning. When I look out the window I see a parking lot, and another apartment style building. Sometimes various people can be seen inside their flats, cooking, the wonderful smells drifting to my room. They are currently refurbishing some of the flats, I assume, because there are construciton workers painting and doing all sorts of projects.There is also a tree right outside. A massive tree that streches well beyond my third story window. Beyond this tree there is a street lamp and then the street. At night we leave the windows open and sometimes I hear the cheers and laughter, and yes, even singing from the pub just down the street. The cars go passing by, and the wind blows a nice breeze into our little dorm room.

But it is nights like tonight that are my absolute favorite. Its raining and the gentle, cool breeze drifts in and out. I can hear the rain trickeling through the leaves, hitting the pavement with a steady rythm. Its the perfect night to listen to those slow songs of the past; the great music sung by Ella Fitzgerald, Rosemary Clooney… When I look out my window I feel as though I am in the middle of a Judy Garland musical, singing about the boy next door, or sitting in Audrey’s room in My Fair Lady, listening to Freddy Eynsford- Hill sing about being lucky enough to stand on the street where I live. I am a hopeless romantic, and it is fantastic. These are the nights I am going to miss the most. Not the ones where I am going out to the pubs, or taking in the tourist sites; its sitting here, looking out of my window, and falling more in love with London, and day dreaming. These are the nights I do not want to end.


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  1. I am totally not making fun of your grammar/spelling since it’s just a simple typo, but I couldn’t help but notice “construciton” sounds about a thousand times cooler as a word than “construction” does. It’s very Transformers-y.

    Also, the bush outside my window is totally…a plant. And I could probably hear crickets if I opened the window too. Jealous yet?

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