Mind the Gap!

Well internet, I am here, in London, and it is fantastic. I am living in Kensington, a rather rich neighborhood, in a very small dorm room. But I must say it is rather cozy. We sleep with the windows open so we don’t suffocate in our sleep, and the noise outside is rather calming. Sometimes around 1am we hear a drunken couple shouting, or cars whizzing by, but for the most part it is quite. Though this morning we woke up to very loud construction work. Very loud and very annoying.

I suppose I should explain who “we” is. I am rooming with a girl named Whitney, who is really cool. She is from Chicago but goes to school in Arizona. She is really funny, and I am glad I am rooming with her… never a dull moment.

So far I have been down Kensinton High Street more times than I can count, been to Royal Albert Hall, Harrods, Harvey Nichols (Harvey Nicks to the “regulars”), Sloan Street, and West End. Plus a bunch of other shops that I can not remember the names to. One department store I was looking for lotion, and found some I liked, and so I started talking to the sales lady and this conversation happened:

sales lady: “hello, can I help you?”

me: “hi, I was just wondering how much this lotion was”

sales lady: “that one there is 22 pounds. And this one is 19.50 pounds”

me: “hmm. ok thank you!”

sales lady: “is it for a friend; a gift? Or for you?”

me: “its for me”

sales lady: “oh you should treat yourself, don’t worry about money then”

me: “well I am trying to sick to a budget… everything back home is double for me”

sales lady: “oh thats right! Your accent should have given it away. I understand then, everything is a bit more for you”

me: “yea”

sales lady: “well I should have known you were from the states, but it seems like you have been in here before; I think that is why I thought you were from here. Have you been to this store before? You look so familiar!”

me: “no”

sales lady: “You just look so familiar. Have you been to the UK before?”

me: “no, this is my first time here!”

sales lady: “oh, you look so familiar. Have I seen you on tv before?”

me: “ha, I wish”

then we laughed and I ended up not buying the lotion. Oh well. $44 for a thing of lotion is a bit much. The weirdest thing about that entire conversation is it is not the first time someone has mistaken me for someone they know. The conversation always ends with “have I seen you on tv before?” So maby that whole everyone-has-a-twin-somewhere- theory is true. That night a group made entirely of girls got together and went to see a West End play… Wicked! I was overly excited and the play was brilliant.  Of all the times I have seen it, this Elphaba was by far the best singer. Her voice was so strong they had to turn her microphone down a few times. She really didn’t need one. Her acting on the other hand… not my favorite. Glinda was fantastic; loved her voice and her portrayl of the character. Of the three I’ve seen I can not decide who is my favorite. Though you can’t really compare all this with the previous times I have seen it, because everything is different with British accents. Speaking of which, there are far more various types of Europeans in Kensington than there are Brits. So I have heard a lot more French accents and stuff. Which is sad. Because half of the appeal of the UK is the British accent. But the farther we get into central London the more we hear which is fine with me.

And may I just say, quickly, that I have been here for five days and it has not rained once. I think the whole weather thing is a myth to keep people away.

Today is just a relaxing day, as I am terribly tired. I have library orientation at 2:45, fun times, then I think I am going to the London Eye tonight! I’m so excited! And now I am going to put up some pictures. There aren’t that many, but I will be taking more tonight. So for the time being, enjoy these.

Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Gardens

Princess Di and Dodi memorial at Herrods. She was killed 11 years ago this week.

I live just round the corner from here!!

My first West End show!!

Jess and I going to see Wicked… I had gray tights and ridiculously cute heels on but alas, they did not make it into the picture. So sad.


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5 responses to “Mind the Gap!

  1. “And may I just say, quickly, that I have been here for five days and it has not rained once. I think the whole weather thing is a myth to keep people away.”

    Seattle was the same way when I went! I was so bummed.

    Your roommate sounds kind of awesome.

    That conversation with the clerk at the store is a thousand times more entertaining when you read it with a dirty British accent for the clerk:
    ” ‘Allo! Can aye ‘elp you!?”

    I like to imagine they shout a lot.

  2. improbablefiction

    I actually thought about you when I typed that bit about the weather!

    And my roommate IS awesome. Once, like two days ago, she broke her hairdryer. It was amusing the string of words that flew out of her mouth. Like I said, never a dull moment here.

    And the British people I have run into don’t really shout, but I agree. It is better to read her part as though she did shout.

    And finally, I am loving what you wrote on my facebook picture.

  3. That’s pretty vague at this point. If you really know me, you know I amuse myself with everything I ever say and I’ve nearly written a book on that picture by now, or at least an essay. So I’ll just assume you meant all of it. 😉

    I think an interesting science experiment would be for me to play Mario Kart while your roommate breaks her hairdryer. The world might implode. Or explode. Or maybe it would spin a little faster. Or raise a couple degrees in temperature. We could be the next major cause of global warming!

    And please don’t try to break my irrational belief that all British people shout 60% of the time. It’s the main thing that keeps me wanting to go to Britain. No volume restrictions.

  4. improbablefiction

    Hahaa…. you would most likely get along with my roommate. She can’t handle pain, so right now she is just going on and on about her toe. Which means I am laughing at her.

    And British people do shout… when they have had too much to drink.

    And as far as the facebook thing goes… I was referring to your comment on Elizabeth saying Jess looked pretty.. on my photo. I know, I’m probably being stupid or whatever, but its not that hard to compliment two people.
    but whatever.

    keep up the good work.

  5. Oh, totally. I GOT YO’ BACK.

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