“You are exacly my brand of heroin.”

So I picked up my friend from the airport last night and we came home, ordered food, changed into comfy clothes, and quickly went into some much needed girl talk. When the food finally arrived we decided to watch the movie Center Stage. Now for those of you who have not seen Center Stage, you may not understand our obsession. It is one horrrrrible movie. This is why you never hire ballet dancers to pose as actors. You hire those dancers for the far away shots in the movie. Then you hire real actors to do their job. But most importantly you must start with finding a good script. None of these things were even considered when making Center Stage. (Actually, there are three credible actors in the movie, but given the dialog, they weren’t able to show off their talents.) If you enjoy laughing at terrible movies I submit that this one takes the cake. I’m pretty sure we are going to watch it again before we leave. Its so bad, its good.

After the movie we went back up stairs for more girl talk (obviously) and started discussing this phenomena that is the Twilight series. I had never heard of these books until recently when the forth, and final, installment was released, as well as the announcement of the movie, due out in November. Suddenly every where I looked there were the words Breaking Dawn. Facebook was soon over populated with bumper sticker images of the book, faces of the characters and the name Edward Cullen. I finally decided to do a little research and read a brief overview of the story. It was a love story involving a vampire (named Edward) and a human girl (named Bella). Simple enough. But those kinds of books never really appeal to me.

So Jessica, my friend, decided it was time for me to read them. And how was it you may ask? Well let me put it to you this way. I stayed up until 5am, when I could no longer keep my eyes open, reading every single word. 316 pages in 5 hours. This morning I could not wait to continue reading. The characters are amazing and the story line is far more intriguing than I had previously thought.

I am extremely excited to finish the first book in just a few minuest and continue on through to the fourth. I had originally planned for Truman Capote to entertain me on the flight over to London, but I suppose he will have to take a back seat to Bella and Edward.


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3 responses to ““You are exacly my brand of heroin.”

  1. Sounds like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, only less kick-ass.

    Joss Whedon did it first.

  2. improbablefiction

    Except that it is nothing like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    She doesn’t want to hunt down these vampires and kill them like Buffy did. And the vampire she falls in love with is one of the “good” ones who goes after animal blood rather than human. And they don’t have fangs. And they just want to exist in the world with humans, go to school, be as normal as they can, and try to survive without hurting people.

  3. “And the vampire she falls in love with is one of the “good” ones who goes after animal blood rather than human.”

    Joss Whedon did it first.

    Like I said, Buffy only less kick-ass. It sounds like Buffy Tree Hill or something. And it sounds like it defies 75% of vampire mythology laws.

    I mean, I’m sure it’s good (Buffy is awesome after all, and high school dramas are lots of fun as well), I’m just saying it seems like one of the main elements of it was already handled ten years ago, but with more karate. Buffy with less ass-kicking isn’t an insult. The action scenes in Buffy were always corny as hell. Just saying this whole love angle has been covered before, last decade.

    Breaking mythology laws isn’t always a terrible thing either. The new Dawn of the Dead f*cking raped zombie mythology (namely with the running zombies) and that was still really entertaining.

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