The years no doubt have changed me.

I am going tomorrow to PA to get my friend from the airport. She will be flying over to England with me. I am rather excited to have a seat buddy I actually know.

Speaking of England, I leave MONDAY!!!! I am so stinking excited. But nervous. I shouldn’t be though… seeing as I lived in France for a month. But still, I just can not wait to get there and settled in. I really hope a get a good roommate.

And internet, you will be happy to know that the IOC is beginning to investigate the age of at least one Chinese gymnast. I suppose enough complaints may have done the trick, though if you want the real story, read this news article.

Also!!! Tonight my brother, mother and I watched Sweeney Todd, and I must say I forgot how much I loved it. I also forgot how sad the ending is. My brother and I just love the movie and we finally convinced my mother (after about three months of straight begging) to sit down and watch it with us, though technically it was against her will. To be honest I think she just wanted to shut us up. But I think she ended up liking it. I also think it would be perfectly acceptable for a guy to write a song for me like “Johanna” (Anthony’s part of course) and sing it to me for hours and hours and hours upon end.


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6 responses to “The years no doubt have changed me.

  1. What the f*ck, Lauren!? Are you kidding me?

    You, miss, are a thunder-stealer. I happened to watch this earlier tonight as well and, as usual, my next blog is about whatever movie I happened to watch most recently.

    I’ll just have to take extra care to make sure mine is that much more awesome. But you steal my thunder again…and I’ll kill you.

    With marshmallows (they’ll be on fire, obviously).

  2. improbablefiction

    Once at a boyscout party we fired marshmallows with a gun. If memory serves me correctly you were there. But I digress…

    I thought with your facebook status you may have watched it, which I thought was funny, because I just finished it before I left you a comment. I checked your blog, but what did I find?

    No post about Mr. T.

    And I’m so sure yours will be better, seeing as your blog IS about movies and such.

  3. “this” is Sweeney Todd. In case that wasn’t clear. The rest of the post completely eluded me after I got to the last paragraph. I’m a tad single-minded when I’m blinded by rage.

  4. Ah, you figured it out.

    And yeah, those marshmallow guns were awesome.

    The Sweeney post is in the works. Top 5 Scene lists take a while for me to order and explain compared to general rants.

  5. improbablefiction

    “blinded by rage”… a tad melodramatic are we?

    Can’t wait to see if I agree with your number one scene.

  6. Exaggerated melodrama is just more fun than neutrality.

    Go big or go home, right?

    Who wants to just read “Oh, you watched Sweeney Todd? Me too.” That’s boring. I’m just trying to keep things interesting.

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