Probably why you were told not to speak to strangers.

My brother and I decided to drive to Best Buy one day to purchase a few dvds. After wondering around for a little while we found ourselves looking at these huge tvs, with huge ridiculous price tags. There was a husband and wife near us arguing over tvs and we couldn’t help but hear their conversation because their voices were growing louder and louder.

husband: No. No. NO.

wife: I don’t understand why we have to get this one.

husband: Because it is better.

wife: Why is there such a big price difference? Why do we have to get the one that costs more?

(by this time they are rather loud and have noticed my brother and me standing there)

husband: It’s high definition and we get more options with it.

wife: I just don’t understand.

husband: We just need this one.

wife: Let me look at the difference. I just don’t understand.

(the husband then turned to us)

husband: Hey kids do you want a new mom?

Now the only time men have talked to me in stores, besides salesmen asking me if I need help, is when they are hitting on me. And boy there have been some weirdos. Probably why I avoid Walmart. So I didn’t really know what to say to this man’s question. My brother laughed and was all cool and suave about it and said “no man I don’t think so” (or something to that degree) and I just started thinking of all the cool responses I should have said. Things like:

“well now that my real mom is in rehab, I suppose we could use another one”


“my dad just got married for the fifth time, so I think we are good”


“my mom’s funeral was last week, so thanks for bringing back all the memories, jerk.”

But I didn’t get to say any of this because my brother and I just sort of walked away. Plus I always think of the right thing to say days later. Sort of like Meg Ryan’s character in You’ve Got Mail…. Anyway, when we left the store they were still arguing. The weird thing is I still wonder what they finally decided on.


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One response to “Probably why you were told not to speak to strangers.

  1. Man, women don’t know ANYTHING about tv’s.

    But that guy doesn’t seem too great at explaining either. “We just do” isn’t a good answer for any question except “Caleb, why do you and your little brother know everything?”

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