“It’s not called gym-nice-tics”

I said before that I thought the age limit should be eliminated from the gymnastics competition and I am here today to blog: I take that back.

I did a little research and learned just why the officials put an age limit to a spectacular sport.

When a girl goes through puberty her sense of balance changes because of the new developments in her body, such as increase in height and weight, breast development, etc. Many of the Chinese girls are suspected to be as young as 10 or 11, while countries like Germany have 33 year-olds competing in the same events. The balance is going to differ significantly between the ages. By setting the age limit at 16 this ensures that the girls have begun to develop, therefore all have a new sense of balance.

Once I realized this I began to watch closer and not only is it obvious the Chinese girls have not developed, but you can tell the difference in balance. I know it seems impossible to tell, but the younger girls have a much easier time sticking their landings and not falling forwards, to the side, etc. While they do sometimes fall (no one is perfect…well, except maybe Nadia Comaneci) there is definitely an advantage to competing at a younger age.

With all of that in mind, I have decided that the age limit is a good idea. Now, if only we could get the FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to do their jobs and make the competitors stick to the rules…



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4 responses to ““It’s not called gym-nice-tics”

  1. Ah, now that that’s been explained, then I agree as well.

  2. Kelloryn

    About the age limit thing, I agree with you. However, I do believe the Olympic committees are doing their jobs. The problem with the Chinese team is just that, Chinese. China’s communist government controls the entire country. Including the Olympic gymnasts. Think about what the Olympic committees would require for proof of age; birth certificate, passport… all of which are provided by the government. In this case a communist government. So even though the Olympic committee may require these documents for proof of age, the Chinese government clearly has the authority and the ability to provide any of these documents which can say what ever they want them to. So then I thought, what about a doctors examination to declare the biological age of the person??? Well, guess what?? In a communist government, the doctors work for the government and that means the government controls them. So even if the Olympic committee required a medical examination to determine the age of the athlete, the communist Chinese government could easily force a doctor to provide exactly what they wanted. Possibly by threatening imprisonment.
    This is a very important lesson for everyone to learn and understand because we take for granted the freedom and rights we have in America. Just on the news this week an American journalist reported on a story about a woman in Beijing who “applied” to be apart of a protest. Not “was” protesting, but “applied” to protest. A few days later she was taken away by the police and it was confirmed that she is being held in a prison until after the Olympics are over. No trial, nothing. Just taken from her home no questions asked. This is the power of communism. We should be eternally thankful that we live in a country that gives us the freedom to voice our opinions. I mean think about all the people who have protested the Iraq war and President Bush?? In a communist government they would never have even been given the chance to disagree with the government or the president. Maybe everyone could think about that the next time they are blaming George Bush for every single thing that is wrong with our country…. world… universe.

  3. improbablefiction

    I agree with what you are saying Kelloryn, and while I am eternally thankful for my freedom, I was merely pointing out that the FIG and IOC were not doing the proper investigations. I suppose I could have worded this differently…

    All they did was look at the passports, which were doctored. I understand about communism and how the government could make the doctors put various dates etc.

    I just think that they should dig a little deeper. There have been many news articles in the past that have depicted the girls ages to be well under 16, and now all of the sudden they are being erased from the internet. When other countries, not just America, protested this, with actual evidence, the FIG and IOC turned their heads. I am very sure they are not being controlled by the communistic government, though I am not the history major here (;

    I don’t see why if they have proof they can’t strip the Chinese of their medals. In my own opinion they would take the medals away in a minute from America, or any other country for that matter.

    I have a hard time watching gymnastics, for reasons just like this. The scoring is completely messed up, unfair, and things like this happen.

  4. Kelloryn

    Sorry I didn’t mean to sound confrontational. I just get excited about discussing things like this…lol. “History nerd.”
    But I think they are doing more in depth investigations into the ages of these girls. I think one way they should go about doing this is by having the Olympic committee hire a non partisan doctor to do examinations and growth plate x-rays. The Chinese government just has to be shown, and the world shown, that a communist government is not only bad but ineffective. I mean the only reason china’s economy is flourishing is becuase they allow some forms of capitalism. Mind you it is severely monitored but they realize their communist government is not the most effective way to run a country. And its immoral too in my opinion.
    I love having these discussions…. keep up the good work Lauren!!!!
    Good luck in England!!!
    Pip, pip, cheerio!!!lol

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