Say what you want…

… but there is no way in hell those female Chinese gymnasts are 16. Maybe one at the most. But not all of them; they must be 12-14 at the oldest. And yet they slip right on by.

… but Katie Hoff?? Who has been said to be the female Michael Phelps? Seriously? No way. She didn’t even qualify in the 800 meter freestyle. An event that the US has gotten a medal in FOR THE LAST 28 YEARS, not to mention an event in which we have won the last five GOLD medals. I would try and go easy on her, but come on people. She swam in at least five finals and didn’t get a single gold medal. Phelps has already gotten five gold medals, two of which were his hardest meets yet. Hoff? Two silvers, a bronze, and a couple of fourth places. Every time she finished a race she came up gasping for air. Being tired is one thing; even the adorable Michael Phelps looked winded a couple of times. Then again he beats his world record by at leat one or more second every race (except for the semifinals and heats…which is a smart move). But he does not GASP for air. The whole “female Michael Phelps” thing is utter silliness. Bottom line: she is out of the olympics, so no more races for her. Lets get back to the states, get better, and maybe I’ll give her a second chance in London, 2012. Maybe.

… but Johnathon Horton? Yes please. This hotttie really helped pull together the mens gymnastics team and not only was he unbelievable to watch, he was very easy on the eyes. Yes he is a total frat boy when he opens his mouth, but whatever. He is hot.

… but I have come to really love the summer Olympics. Yes I always watch them, but my thing is really the winter Olympics. I am all about the figure skating and ice dancing and totaly girlyness of the outfits and stuff. But the summer olympics are growing on me. I watch because of Michael Phelps, though a few others have caught my interest. Will I continue watching when track and field starts? Ehh, most likely. But def. not as much. I won’t really care if I miss a night. Because all of those swimmers and gymnests beautiful faces and bodies won’t be on my screen. And really, without that? There isn’t really a point.


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3 responses to “Say what you want…

  1. Even if the Chinese gymnasts are only 12 or 14, doesn’t that make it more impressive?

    I’m not sure if that’s what you’re trying to point out, or if you’re accusing them of cheating.

  2. improbablefiction

    Oh no. Its unbelievable… they are incredibly talented.

    But the age requirement is 16, and they have totally forged all of the papers and documents, though they deny it. They have gotten away with it, but there were past stories featured in online news reports saying they were 12 and 14 (when they were competing in China, like world competitions etc) and now all of the sudden the news reporters have started erasing the stories from the news sites.

    Personally, I think the whole age thing should be eliminated. We have gymnasts ages 12-14 that could be getting us gold medals. It would certainly make the games more interesting…

  3. Yeah, I wasn’t aware there was an age limit anyway. That seems silly. Even if an 8 year old could beat a full grown adult at something, then I say let them do it.

    The Olympics are about watching the best athletes in the world compete. As long as they’re all being graded on the same scale, age shouldn’t matter.

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