Bob Costas is my hero.

So I am a nervous wreck sitting here in my house. And Michael Phelps hasn’t even arrived at the Water Cube (where all the swimming events takes place for those of you crazies who do not watch the Olympics).

And I will continue to be a nervous wreck until he finishes his race tonight. Oh God help him get the gold!!!

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One response to “Bob Costas is my hero.

  1. Andy

    Bob Costas, clearly lost for words by Phelps’ incredible performance described such performance as “ridiculous” on NBC tonight, right after Phelps had won his sixth gold in world record time. You know what’s ridiculous, Bob? You sitting there in your wig believing anybody cares what you think! Of all the most jealous, parasitic people who try to associate themselves with great sport (in the vane hope that it might rub off??) you are the most transparent.

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