I am so sick of reality tv. Have we lost the ability to script anymore?



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3 responses to “grrr.

  1. Welcome to Summer time? What new, scripted shows have ever aired during the summer? This is usually when they’re filming them for Fall premieres because everyone goes on sporadic vacations and such during the Summer.

    Patience, Lauren. Patience.

  2. improbablefiction

    I am not a total idiot. I know no new shows come on during the summer.

    But I have seen so many commercials for new reality shows that will begin in the fall. when scripted shows are supposed to come on.

    I hate competition reality tv, and I say competition because I like shows like Ace of Cakes or John and Kate plus 8 (etc). I just hate that all the shows are basic carbon copies of each other… you have 13 or so people competing for a prize, with usually one person getting eliminated per week. And there is always a bitch.

    I like scripted shows that’s all.

  3. I much prefer scripted shows myself, but I don’t really watch that much TV on TV anyway so I guess that’s why I’m less bothered.

    I’m more of a TV-DVD guy.

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