Oh, it is love…

I want to marry Corny Collins.

the end.



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3 responses to “Oh, it is love…

  1. It’s only fair to warn you he shoots red waves of energy out of his eyes, which could prove dangerous. He also helps annoying reporters raise their illegitimate children (though he thinks they’re his kids – he’s probably actually sterile), and he’s incredibly stupid whilst searching for princesses.

    But by god, I’ll be damned if he can’t lead a dancing show.

    But can he lead a dancing show well enough to make up for so many downsides? That’s the real question.

  2. improbablefiction

    Okay, so he shoots red waves of energy out of his eyes, which could prove dangerous. So what? He is special (and not the stop-eating-the-paste-kind of special).

    And he loved that reporter, even though she lied to him and led him to think the kid was his. I would never allow that. Because all of the kids I had would be his. Superman = blah.

    And the mere fact he goes looking for the princess is reason enough to marry him. Plus his scenes are really funny. But I always like that type of character.

    And the fact he can lead a dancing show is just icing on the cake.

    so yea… I’ll still take him.

  3. “Icing on the cake” implies that your willingness to reason out those other obvious flaws to yourself constitutes the existence of a “cake” at all.

    It’s more like the icing on the meatloaf or something.

    But yeah, I’m glad you’re less superficial than that. Or, you know, that your extreme superficial-ness allows you to overlook or make up excuses for other downfalls.

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