On the Road Again…

Tomorrow (rather, today) my parents, brother and I will depart our house at the early hour of 7am and head to Ohio for my cousin’s wedding. 


Am I looking forward to it? 



sure. bring it on. 


I am trying to have a happy attitude, but every time our families get together it is one big competition (to them) and nothing I, my sister, or my mother do is good enough. Now that I am over the whole drama-in-the-family-thing I have no problems telling my cousin just exactly what she can do with her opinions. I’m sure I will have lots of interesting stories to tell when I return, as well as a few battle scars to show. I usually do. I was really excited a couple of months ago, but now I am just ready to get this over with. Every time I try and put myself out there to make them happy I get burned, so to hell with it and to hell with their selfish controlling, belittling ways. As my mother says, “it is what it is.” I am going to plaster a smile on my face, say and do the right things, and when I come home I can smile knowing I will be out of this country soon enough; away from all the family crap. 




On a (somewhat) lighter note, my father and I went to see The Dark Knight tonight. Totally worth the ten dollar admission price; in fact it was worth more than that. I am extremely tired so I am not going to go in depth to my thoughts etc, at least for right now. 

And speaking of right now, there is a tremendously scary thunderstorm occurring. I love love love thunderstorms and rainstorms, and that is one reason I loved Florida so much. All that rain. But tonight’s thunderstorm is the wake-you-up-from-a-deep-sleep kind of storm. And the lightning totally just lit up my entire room. 

If you haven’t seen the movie Charlie Bartlett go rent it and watch it right now. That is very very quickly becoming one of my favorite movies and my brother and I plan on watching it during the car ride tomorrow THAT IS HOW GOOD IT IS. I am going to bond with my ADD brother over a 6 hr. car ride. 

And I’m trying to make my way through Pulp Fiction, which is good so far, but things keep happening, pulling my attention away from it. I must say, prematurely as I haven’t seen the entire movie yet, that I much prefer Kill Bill to Pulp Fiction. Maybe it was because I was tired, but the beginning of PF is moving a little slow for me. 


And I still have the Mamma Mia! soundtrack on repeat. After giving it much consideration I still hold the same views of Pierce Brosnan that I did before. Sorry to his devoted fans… I just don’t like his singing. I am seeing the movie again on Thursday so I will be giving his acting one more shot, but the only reason I continue to listen to him butcher his way through the soundtrack is because S.O.S. is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs. 


I am also missing Gilmore Girls lately. That was such an awesome show; so sad it got cancelled. 

But now it is time to go to sleep. 

7am comes way to quickly.


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3 responses to “On the Road Again…

  1. For the love of god, stop listening to the Mamma Mia soundtrack and just download the real group’s Greatest Hits or something. Unlike Across the Universe where there are a few songs where I actually preferred the movie version since they often re-composed the music, every single song in Mamma Mia was like painful karaoke.

    The original versions aren’t THAT great to begin with (unlike the ever-amazing Beatles obviously), but compared to the movie versions it’s like listening to angels.

    S.O.S., Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, Take a Chance (especially), The Winner Takes It All, EVERY SINGLE SONG ON THE SOUNDTRACK — they’re all better when ABBA sings them. Like, infinitely so.

    I get it if you like the movie. It’s super-ultra girly, and that’s your style, but when it comes to just listening to the music? Come on, just listen to the original versions.

    The only person in that movie with a voice that was good enough to warrant listening OUTSIDE of the movie is that girl from Mean Girls. The rest fall somewhere in between bad and bearable.

  2. improbablefiction

    The movie versions are simply more theatrical (at least, they try) and that makes it more fun to dance around and sing.
    Because if you have ever wanted to be on Broadway you would have danced around your room while singing show tunes. Which, I doubt you do… though, who knows, I may be wrong.
    Maybe you dance around your room singing Dancing Queen into a hairbrush.


  3. It’s a COMB. Jesus, how girly do you think I am? A hairbrush? PFFT. I change “Queen” to “King” too.

    But not really.

    I don’t think I’ve ever danced in my room to any song at all. Dancing takes so much energy and stuff as it is, and dancing alone seems like a complete waste of what little energy I do try to use on a daily basis. I do sing though when I’m all by my lonesome. Just not showtunes. Well… maybe “Another Day” or “La Vie Boheme” from Rent, but those are damn good songs.

    I get bored easily and my personal entertainment is one of the most important things to me in my life.

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