And besides that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show?

So it has been a while since I have updated, but I suppose I have a good excuse. After a long series of rather unfortunate events, a drink was spilled on my computer and phone, completely frying both. So I had to wait until I had the money to get a new Macbook and phone. The good news? I was able to get one of the new iphones… the 3g! So that was good news. I only had to stand in line for four hours to get it. But it was worth it.

Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAYYYYYYY! Party! Not really…the only people I know in town are my parents and brother. And my dad and brother will be working on my birthday, so I doubt there will be a lavish party. However, my mom did tell me we would be going to NYC in August to really celebrate, so I could care less if we have a party tomorrow. As I see it, NYC is waaay better than a party. Now a party in NYC? Thats a double whammy. I just hope I get a cake tomorrow. That is really all I want. With buttercream icing. Yummmmy!!

Last night my sister and I watched Garden State, via Skype. She is in Florida and I am in Delaware, so we started the movie at the same time and skyped all of our comments. It was loads of fun. Plus that movie is just stinkin awesome, so how could it not be fun?? I also watched the holiday twice three times this past week. And it’s only Tuesday. I know, that may sound insane, but that movie is so insanely awesome that you can watch it over and over and never get tired of it. Plus, it really doesn’t have to be Christmas time to watch it. Except when I do watch it I wish it was Christmas time…

I also paid my final deposit for England, so it is offfffffficial! I am going!!!! I am so excited. It’s really getting close to being that time! Im packing (I LOVE to pack) and I am really not bringing all that much. Having done this before, I have a good idea of what to bring and what not to bring. I am planning on taking about the same amount I took to France, maybe a little more though. I was in France for only a month; I will be in England for four. The good thing is I am bringing outfits that can be layered and worn with other items to make like twelve other outfits. I can make about 42 outfits from 23 pieces of clothing… yea I actually did figure it out. I’m just weird like that.


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  1. Hahaha, the notion of watching a movie with someone via Skype is highly amusing to me. My brother and I usually just play InkLink if anything.

    And I have no clue how girly fashion works. Jeans and a t-shirt are about as much change as I get, so theoretically I suppose if I had two pairs of jeans and ten t-shirts I could get twenty “outfits”? Even calling them outfits feels gay to me. They’re just clothes. Packing for a dude consists of grabbing the top however many t-shirts/polos in your drawer, a couple pairs of jeans, a pair of gym shorts or pajama pants, a pair of underwear per day you’ll be gone, and depending on where you’re going maybe ONE nice shirt. But probably not even that. At least not if it keeps everything from fitting in a bag that can be carried on the plane to avoid checking. Even for a four month trip, I don’t think I’d need a whole lot more than that since there would obviously be a washer.

    The notion of thinking through what I’d wear with what or how many times I can wear and mix things up doesn’t even cross my mind.

    Simplicity is golden.

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