A Girl with Moonlight in Her Eyes

Today I asked a friend from college for some advice, and as we conversed, I realized just how important friends are. To be totally honest, I only have about three true friends; two of which do not even go to my school.

And I am trying to teach myself that you do not really need to have a whole group of friends to make it in life. You just need a couple of truly great friends and life will turn out just peachy.

I am also figuring out that when you constantly depend on people to be there for you or to just be a true friend, you are 99.9% of the time setting yourself up for disappointment. Well, for me anyway.

I am throwing around the possibility of taking a great risk regarding my future and it is going to be a journey of soul searching, decision making, and a heck of a lot of prayer. And then more decision making… which I don’t really like doing. But such is life.

I will try to keep updating but my life is rather hectic right now, so bear with me through the transition.

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One response to “A Girl with Moonlight in Her Eyes

  1. You know, if you need another true friend, I’ve got a list of about 150 movies you need to watch (and love, or they don’t count). So, I mean, yeah, my friendship is totally for sale. For the price of about 400 hours of quality movie watching and good opinions.

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