Citaaay of Lights

About a year ago I was in France having the time of my life. A couple of my friends who went with me were all talking and we began to swap memories. And I just can not get this one memory out of my head, so I thought I would type it up so I could never really forget it.

One night in Paris I was sitting in the hostel (yes, a hostel. it was quite rough.) and I was trying to get rid of my huuuuge blister on my foot. Stay with me, this story gets better. So I go into the room where the female chaperone is staying. She is a mother of three so I know she can help me with my problem. So we (me, chaperone and chaperone’s daughter) get rid of the blister (THANK GOD!!) and we looked out the window… and there was this guy standing there, looking out of his window in nothing but a towel. So we are all “ooooh” because he is a hottie and, I mean, hellooo he is in a towel. So he spots us and we all blush, of course, and slowly step away from the window. Well a little while later after we finish our girl chat the daughter and I get up to leave and we notice the guy is just sitting in a chair by the window with just his towel on. It was the weirdest thing. Hot, but weird.

So then I go to my room where my other 4 roommates are and we are just hanging out with the windows open bc we are hot and it is cool outside, and this woman across from us starts making herself dinner, and boy does it smell goooood. So we just sat there, on the edge of the window watching the stars, listening to the French music, and smelling the wonderful food we were not going to be fortunate enough to eat. It felt like something out of a movie, and as cheesy as this is going to sound, it was really magical.

I miss you Paris.

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