Oceans 12; number 65

Today I arranged all of my DVDs that I own alphabetically. Then I made a spreadsheet on my computer and organized everything and counted all of my DVDs. How many do I have? A mere 117. Yes to many that may seem like a lot, but I have a passion for movies. And I only plan on feeding my addiction passion in the future. No I did not pay full price for all of 117- that would just be silly. I know how to shop. It is rather fun, looking through the bins finding the best deals.

On a different note, I have something to confess. Internet, I have been a bad blogger… but fear not! I have returned to the daily photos and will try and post DAILY, like the title suggests. Because you should not be lied to and whatnot.

I also have decided I want a puppy. When I graduate from college, of course. I am thinking a black pekingese and I have a few names in mind, but I have not decided. I mean, who could not want one of these adorable little puppies:

Seriously! Just try and ignore the overpowering cuteness radiating from her.

Impossible isn’t it?


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One response to “Oceans 12; number 65

  1. That is WEIRD. Ocean’s 12 is number 192 on my list.

    I guess I win. As always.

    And yes, you just unknowingly entered a competition.

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