CDs and Silly Faces. That is all you really need in life.

First off, I would like to send a huuuge congratulations to my friend Brittany Painter and her band, The Bridges for the release of their first cd, Limits of the Sky!!! I went to school with Brittany, and right before her Senior year she left to go to Alabama and start a band with her cousins (pictured below). Now they are on tour with Rooney (one of my favorite bands) and their career is really starting to take off. And their music kicks butt.

Later today I went for a job interview, and when I got there I was supposed to go to customer service and let them know I was ready. So I get there and I am waiting for my turn, and this mother and daughter are in front of me returning clothes. And the little girl looks at her mom and ever so kindly informs her that after they are “done with this stuff” they can “go buy a toy because they have to.” She feels rather passionately about this, because she repeats it over and over and over and over and over. Then she spots me. And she smiles, so I smile back. Then she spots the blue streak in my hair. So our conversation goes like this:

little girl: “hahahaaha mommy mommy”

mother of little girl: “what? be quiet. turn around.”

little girl: “no!! Im looking at her bluuuuuuuue haaaaaaaaaaair hahahahahahahah”

mother: (horrified look as she turns around to see who her daughter is making fun of)

me: (laughter)

little girl: makes a silly face at me

me: make a silly face at little girl

little girl: “you are so funny”

me: make another silly face at little girl

little girl: (while making a silly face) your so funny. Am I funny? (continues making all sorts of silly faces)

me: “you are funny!”

little girl: (as if the world has come to a drastic end, she exclaims in a high pitched squeal) “I DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

That was a much needed moment of happiness in my life. Whoever that little girl was, I thank her for making me smile and laugh.

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