Going to the chapel….

I just had a conversation with my best friend, M, whom I haven’t spoken to in about a month (because we both have been so terribly busy). Well she has this boyfriend and I asked about him and them, because that is what best friends talk about, and she said “he is the one.” Notice how there is no “i think”… no; no thinking because she KNOWS he is the one. And she told me all about him, and it sounds like a match made in Heaven. So we were talking about how I am going to help her plan every detail, and that I am going to be in the wedding party. We started talking about who else would be in the party, and some old high school friends came up, one of them being a girl she has know from the first grade. So I asked if she was going to make her sister the maid of honor, and she said no, her (half) sister was too old (plus they don’t really get along) and she said “i was hoping it would be you!”

Internet world, I am totally shocked. I thought for sure she would ask first grade friend, but she said they were more childhood friends, and that I know more about her (M) than first grade friend does. I am totally happy; if it was possible for a heart to sing mine would be belting out the tunes right now. She did mention that he is going to give her the ring within the year and they have decided to get married after they finish school, which I think is a wonderful idea. Of course that means we will start planning tonight. We talked about colors and wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses and of course we decided on the one she has been hoping to use for the past two- three years. And it is hotttt.

Between my cousin’s wedding and now the news of M’s pre-engagement, I can’t help but feel sad. I know there is some perfect guy out there, hopefully in England, but I wish I could just get a sign or something to let me know I wont wind up an 85 year old woman with 22 cats and one dog.


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2 responses to “Going to the chapel….

  1. Genevieve

    I am so excited !!! You will make a great maid of honor!!!

  2. Morgan

    Oh, please. You will so find only the most amazing fantastic boy on the planet! And if not, well you probably won’t have 22 cats and 1 dog. You’ll need at least 2 dogs so they can play with each other. haha Just kidding.

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