How I Met Your Mother is by far the best show I have seen in a while…

Like the title of this post indicates, I have really fallen in love with the tv series, How I Met Your Mother. Not so very long ago I saw the first two episodes and was smitten. Now I am borrowing my friend’s first season and it is AMAZING. Usually when I watch a tv series I fall for one of the main guys. Not so with HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother…keep up readers). I have fallen in love with all three guys THAT IS HOW AWESOME THIS SHOW IS. Watch it and you will fall in love too. I think that Barney is my fav. of the three fav. male characters…but idk. Watch it and see if you don’t want to shout SUIT UP every single time you go somewhere.

However, that is not the point of this post. So, what is, you may ask. The point of this post is my sister. She has seemed to block out of her memory everything from….well basically everything from as far back as forever. You know how everyone has a “thing” well this is hers.

Some people do not believe me. But tonight, while at starbucks, pulling a real college all-nighter studying for an exam…except when I type this…I got proof PROOF I tell you, by having this conversation:

Silly Rubi (my sister): “so how come you do not blog anymore?”

Me: “Ummm how about I got a new blog”

Silly Rubi: “what? thanks for telling me”

Me: “improbable fiction at”

Silly Rubi:”I’m not going to remember that. Do you think I am going to remember that?”

….and the she said it. PROOF I tell you!

Silly Rubi:”I don’t remember anything.”

HAHAHAHA I got her now! It’s so true. She does not remember anything. She will most likely say this conversation never happened…hmmm…silly Rubi indeed.


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