“Your supposed to be the leading lady of your own life”- The Holiday

You know how everyone has a “thing?” Like on FRIENDS, for example. Rachel is the prissy, loves-to-shop one, Monica is the OCD, used-to-be-fat one, Joey is the stupid, adorable one (who also has his own tag line “how you doin”), Chandler has the jokes, and weird relationship with Janice, Phoebe is the extremely weird one who is not only my favorite, but also ROCKS at everything (she even has a song. hear the words “smelly cat” and see if you don’t find yourself singing the next verse), and last, there is Ross, who is not only my least fav. of the guys, but he has that whole paleontology thing going on, and the reeeeally sad way he says “hi” when he is sad…. kind of like Eyore. 

Anywho, they all have their crazy “things.” And I figured out my thing today. My thing is listening to other’s peoples problems until I can no longer stand it, then trying to talk about my problems, only to have them continue to talk about theirs. Today I had a REALLY bad day. And I talked to my mom, which helped, but you still need a best friend to talk to at your school. I don’t have one of those. I did, but thats besides the point. I don’t anymore. So I talked to my best friend from back home (via aim), just about the day etc., and I told her I had no one to talk to. She said I could talk to her. I got one sentence out. ONE. I told her how I have been homesick since I came back from Spring Break. And she said “awww.” As I was typing the next sentence, because I really did need someone to talk to, she said “So I have this huge dilemma…” and went into this huge thing and we spent the next 20 min. talking about it. Then I had to get ready for the Opera. 

And while this was going on, I had another friend im me. Now don’t get me wrong, because I do love her to death. Really I do. And it is just her nature to over analyze things. But seriously, please can we go one conversation without going back to your problems?

Ok rant over. This is my blog. MY OWN BLOG and I can’t even talk about my problems on here. I just can not wait for this semester to be over. Three weeks and I may regain my sanity back.  


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